tips for a luxurious bedroom

Tips for a luxurious bedroom

Your bedroom is your oasis. It’s where you go at the end of the day to unwind and relax. So comfort and relaxation definitely need to be taken into account when designing your bedroom. And what’s more relaxing than a lush, luxurious bedroom?

Oftentimes, bedrooms are one of the most ignored rooms in the home design-wise – behind the bathroom perhaps. At least for me, I was always scared of not doing enough and being bored by the design, or doing too much and feeling too mentally stimulated to sleep. But I promise, it’s not as hard as it seems to get the luxurious bedroom of your dreams. There are a few simple tweaks and additions you can make to your bedroom to help give it that wow factor.

Add in a seating vignette

When you think of a luxurious bedroom – or a hotel room, the pinnacle of luxury – you can almost always guarantee that there’s a separate seating area. These areas help to carve out separate zones in the bedroom, making it appear grander. It gives you a space to drink your coffee, scroll through social media, or read a good book.

If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace in your room, that’s a great place to anchor this seating area. In a longer room, anchoring this space at the foot of your bed is also good choice.

Influenced by early French-era design, the Page Chaise has a petite and vintage profile that would pair perfectly with fringe. From head to toe, the Page silhouette, including its delicate curves, elegant wooden tapered legs, and signature "P" arm, will sit perfectly in any room. With a firm back and undeniably comfortable down seat cushion, one can only imagine the mid-day naps or quiet, still mornings they will be having while lounging in this exceptionally unique chaise.
The Paige Chaise | River & Bord

If you have the space, put two matching chairs and a small drink table or two. If you don’t have the space, a single armchair will do the trick, too. And if you’re really tight on space, you could even fit in a beanbag or pouf that allows for more flexibility.

cream boho floor cushion on top of a colorful Moroccan rug in a seating vignette in a luxurious bedroom
Reema Floor Cushion | Urban Outfitters
Transitional bedroom with wainscoting and wooden details. A wood and leather armchair in the corner
Birte Armchair | Amber Interior Design

Large scale artwork

People tend to neglect artwork in their rooms for some reason, but this is a great space to add some of your favorite pieces. It’s the perfect opportunity to create the vibe that you really want in your space. 

I would tend to avoid a busy gallery wall and instead recommend going big with your artwork. Whether it’s a massive piece of framed art over your bed or on the wall opposite your window, the large scale will give your room that luxurious, boutique hotel feel.

Some general tips for picking the right artwork for your room:

  • If you want to create an interesting yet visually relaxing space, opt for textural pieces rather than ones with patterns
  • If you do want to experiment with some patterns or scenes, try to source artwork that has a relaxing, ethereal vibe to it. The pieces below by gldeng6rl were my take on that vibe: lots of visual interest, but still gives me a serene feeling to look at.
ethereal artwork hanging on a bedroom wall

Use paint to make the most of your walls

Paint is one of the cheapest yet highest impact ways to transform a space. You could go all out and paint all four walls a color of your choosing. But you could also get a little more creative.

While accent walls are a contentious topic in the interior design community, there are tons of fun, more creative ways to use paint. One of my favorite is to paint the fifth wall – the ceiling! This gives your room a really unique and cozy feeling.

You could also play with shapes. One popular “headboard” solution is to paint an arch or some similar shape behind your bed to frame it.

luxurious bedroom with a DIY painted "headboard" arch

You could also do a half-wall paint job. If you paint the bottom half of the room in an accent color of your choosing, it adds some faux architectural interest and a fun pop of color. 

Statement light fixtures

Everyone loves a good statement light fixture. And it’s a must in any luxurious bedroom. It immediately draws the eye when you walk in the room and adds a sense of luxury and intention. Even if the rest of your room is pretty minimal, a light fixture alone can turn it into a wow moment.

If you have boob lighting or an ugly ceiling fan, you don’t have to be stuck with it – even if you’re renting! It’s easier than you think to switch out wired light fixtures to make your room look more expensive and luxurious. 

Pick out a light fixture that gets you excited. That could be a rattan hanging pendant, a clean and minimal orb, or a glamorous crystal chandelier. Feel free to have fun with the fixture. 

And as a bonus, try to get a dimmer for your light. This is a game changer for creating the right mood in your room. You can turn it to full brightness when you want to really wake yourself up in the morning, and dim it when you’re trying to wind down at night.

Bedside sconces

Lighting gets a second tip here, because it’s such an important component in how to make your home more luxurious. 

A lot of people have bedside lamps for nighttime reading or unwinding. And you can of course go that route. But if you want to step the luxury up a notch, opt for some bedside sconces.

Varied light sources in any room is an amazing way to add in a level of sophistication. But the way sconces throw light on the wall is unmatched. 

And the good news is, you don’t even have to wire in the lighting if you don’t want. There are plenty of beautiful plug-in sconce options out there.

For that really luxurious bedroom/hotel look, make sure you hang matching sconces on each side of your bed. 

Bring in luxurious textures

Textures are the unsung heroes of luxury. When you’re in a space that just feels rich and decadent, textures typically play a large role. So it’s worth investing in some really nice textiles for your room.

This could be as simple as really cozy and high-quality sheets, pillowcases, and duvets. And there is no shortage of advice online about the most luxurious bedding on the market.

But it could also include your choice of rugs. A really lush, high pile rug will give you that cozy feeling from the minute you step out of bed.

You can also play with textures in your curtains. If you want to create a really sexy environment, you can’t go wrong with some light-blocking velvet curtains. (Extra pro tip: hang them from wall-to-wall for a really decadent look)

If you want a lighter, more natural look, opt for some nice linen curtains – and you can even layer them for an extra oomph of richness. 

Cut down the clutter

Part of the feeling of luxury is being shielded from the street of day-to-day life. So try to cut as much clutter in your bedroom as you can. 

This is not to say that you can’t have some accessories in your room. I’m a whore for some good clutter. But try to keep any unnecessary clutter out of view in this space if you really want to go all-in on the luxurious bedroom vibe.

Instead of an open nightstand, opt for one with drawers. Maybe relocate your stack of books to the office. Don’t let you chair become the home for every single piece of discarded clothing at the end of the day and stow it in your bathroom hamper or a covered hamper in your room.

When your mind doesn’t have any clutter to focus in on, I promise you’ll get some pretty amazing relaxation in at the end of the day.

Upgrade your bed frame

The bed is the main piece in your room, so it’s the easiest (albiet probably most expensive) way to make a big statement.

I’m not gonna hate on anyone with a basic ass bed frame – you can’t definitely give the room some spice with the rest of the pieces in your room. But if you want to level up your luxurious bedroom a little more, you can’t go wrong getting a bed frame that matches your vibe.

If you want the minimalist, wabi sabi style, get a perfectly imperfect wooden bed frame. If you want lush and cozy, maybe get an upholstered bed frame. And if you want a really nice, industrial/scandi look, my recommendation will always be the Floyd bed.

And of course, if it’s not in your budget (or your desire) to get a whole new bed, you can always go for a really killer headboard. you could DIY and it one of those DIY noodle headboards that does NOT look like a pool noodle. Or splurge on something like this oak headboard from Article.

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