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The Homey Homies Hub is your resource on all things at the intersection of productivity, creativity, and design. Everything we talk about here will help you to build a sustainable creative practice, whether it’s just as a hobby, as a side hustle or as a full-blown career.

While creativity and productivity may seem like they’re on two totally opposite sides of the spectrum, they both feed into all of the stuff that comes in between. I’m a strong believer that you can’t be a successful creative without a strong process to fall back on. And on the flip side, you’re likely not going to make any waves no matter how organized and analytical you are without a little creative spark.

There’s so much magic in leaning into both these “type a” and “type b” sides of yourself.

So on this blog, we’ll help you cultivate this multifaceted skillset inside yourself, covering:

  • Strategies to put a process behind your creativity
  • Tips to cultivate a successful and meaningful creative practice
  • Ways to discover your personal creative style
  • How to harness technology to make your creative life better
  • And so much more – if it falls anywhere near the intersection of design, productivity, and creativity, we’ll cover it. This blog did grow its roots in interior design, so expect a little fun interior design content sprinkled in here 🙂

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I put together some popular articles below to give you a little taste of what all the homey homies want to know. Whether you’re more into strategies to harness your full creative potential or unlock optimal productivity (or both at the same time), there’s something here for you.

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