what interior design style fits your personality - photos of 3 different distinct interior design styles

What interior design style fits your personality? (QUIZ)

Whether you’re just getting into interior design or trying to evolve your style, you may be stuck on what aesthetic really fits you. There are so many interior design styles to choose from, so how could you ever pick just one? Well I created a style quiz to help you find out which exactly interior design fits your personality.

Your personality is the best indicator of what the best style is for you, because design is such a personal thing. So take the quiz below to help me find out a bit about you and match you with your perfect interior design style!

Found out which interior design style fits your personality, but not sure where to go next? I’ve got you covered!

Whether you feel like you didn’t vibe with the style you got, or you feel like you’re not quite as easy to put in one box, I have tons of content to help you find your style!

To start, take a look at my roundup of all the interior design styles

Looking for an overview of every popular style? Sometimes that’s the easiest place to start.

I put together a massive post on the 20 most popular styles. In the blog post, I give you a short background, define the key characteristics, show some inspiration photos, and give you some product recs. This is the best snapshot to help you feel out which one you vibe with.

Simply give it a scroll and see what you think

Wanna dive deeper into any specific style? Check out my style starter packs

If you want more than a broad overview, this is the content for you.

In the style starter packs, I take it a couple steps further than in my post about all the interior design styles. Click on a style that intrigues you below and find out what brought this style into existence, what the core tenets are, what is looks like, and a full rundown of all the most essential staple pieces and accessories.

This is really where you’ll want to head if you want to dive head-first into a style and start implementing it in your own home.

I have a handful available now, but I’m always releasing new ones, so make sure you subscribe so you’re the first to know when a new one drops!

Click a style that intrigues you below:


Scandinavian interior design essentials - homey homies blog
Scandinavian interior design essentials – homey homies blog

Create your own personal style

On this blog, I’m a big advocate of injecting your own personality into design. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it a million more times: The very best design is that which reflects its creator. Personality is truly the best way to make your space really unique.

So whether you found a style that fits you or not, I’d recommend finding/creating your personal style. Because that’s ultimately the end goal of finding an interior design style that fits your personality. Whether you customize a style to fit you or start from scratch.

I’ve discussed on this blog the process of finding my own unique style. And it’s a constant process that I enjoy every minute of. So I have a passion for helping people find theirs as well.

Step one to finding your own style would be to subscribe to this blog. Shameless self-promotion lol. But here you’ll get a feed of content curated to helping you find the balance between trendy and personality-driven design.


But of course I’ve got some tips you can dive into right now, too. Check out the content below to jumpstart your journey to creating a home that really represents you:

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