most instagrammable spots in atlanta

Most Instagrammable spots in Atlanta: part 2

If I can give you one piece of advice to continue to love wherever you live, it’s to never stop being a tourist. I’ve said it a million times and I’ll keep saying it. When you don’t stop seeking out exciting new experiences, you will be surprised by how many you’ll find. One of my favorite experiences to seek out? Killer photo op locations. So I’m back with part 2 of the most instagrammable spots in Atlanta.

And part 2 is bigger and better than the first. I have more places and some really next level design that your Instagram feeds are begging for.

And on top of that, this can also work as a list of where to take people when they come into town. There’s no better way to show off the best of your city than by bringing people to some really trendy and well-designed spots.

If you’re looking for the most instagrammable spots in Atlanta, keep reading…

I’ve made it my personal mission to find all the best design in Atlanta, and I take this research very seriously. And since these spots have all been personally vetted by me, so you can trust that they’re top notch.

But if I missed any, feel free to drop them in the comments below!

Politan Row at Colony Square

This is THE spot to be for a fun night – both weekends and weeknights. They have all kinds of events like movie nights, yoga, comedy nights, drag shows and more. But even when you come on a regular night, there’s no shortage of things to occupy your time.

They have a massive food hall with all kinds of food that you could think of. Even Middle Eastern-inspired pizza! Outside of the main food hall, there’s also a 70’s-style speakeasy called JoJo’s Beloved.

View of a modern eclectic luxury food hall with an intricate wood slatted ceiling and luxurious comfortable seating

Of course, they have a massive bar to hit up. Would highly recommend getting a bottle of sparkling wine, sitting outside on the grass and people watching.

Hannah Michelle Lambert drinking champagne in the courtyard of Politan Row at Colony Square at night

Even the bathrooms are a great instagrammable moment.

Exterior of the Politan Row bathroom with arched mirrors, shiny cream floors, and a round green sink vanity
Funky and colorful bathroom with peach stalls and a funky, orange-toned wallpaper on the walls

Atlanta Marriott Marquis

If you’re a Marvel fan, this next spot may look familiar. It was the TVA headquarters in the Loki series. Although it’s a little modified with the magic of CGI in the show, it’s just as awe-inspiring in real life.

Tilted birdseye view of the atlanta marriott marquis hotel and its twisted architecture

Whether you’re staying as a guest, hitting up one of their bars or restaurants, or just popping in to look around (no shame, that’s what I did), you’re in for a treat. It has a distinctly lush, mid-century modern vibe.

But the real showstopper is the architecture. The second you walk in, you see the grand open balcony walkways on the upper levels – all 52 of them!

View of the wavy 52-story interior of the hotel

If you really want a thrill, take the glass elevator up to the very top floor. It’s definitely an adrenaline rush, whether you’re scared of heights or not.

Little Trouble

I can’t rave enough about Little Trouble. Great food, incredible drinks, live music, and most importantly, extremely Instagram-worthy decor.

If you’re on the Atlanta side of tiktok or Instagram, you may have seen shots of this legendary backdrop.

Little Trouble's instagrammable entrance with their logo and moody neon lights

This is what you see when you first walk down the hallway to enter Little Trouble. And the first impression is not deceiving. It’s just as tasteful on the inside, too.

It’s very dark and moody with a neon red tint to everything. There is a bit of bar seating, some low and high top table seating, and my favorite is the more casual lounge-style seating.

Little Trouble bar with moody lighting and eclectic details

This looks like the place in a movie that all the cool kids go to. And I think it’s accurate. You automatically look cool if you get a couple pics here, in my opinion.

Friend group posing in front of the Little Trouble Instagrammable backdrop

Hotel Colee

I stayed here for my birthday staycation last year, and I was obsessed.

Right in the heart of midtown, Colee is a charming boutique hotel that was made for people who love color and maximalism.

Lobby of the Collee Hotel with neon lighting, funky eclectic furniture
Seating vignette with dusty purple velvet curved sofa, funky prints of birds on the wall, and tweed armchairs

You’ll know what I mean as soon as you walk in the lobby. It’s complete with tons of eclectic details, cozy seating areas, lots of artwork, and a really charming cocktail bar.

But the charm doesn’t stop there. From the hallways to the guest rooms, you’ll find tons of eclectic but still classy details like wallpaper, artwork, and beautiful bathroom finishings. And the bed gave me an amazing night’s sleep.

Colee Hotel hallway with gray carpeting with subtle patterns and a graphic green and white wallpaper
Luxury hotel bathroom with black and white graphic wallpaper
Seating vignette in a guest room at the Colee hotel with a pop of fuschia on the walls
View of a guest room at the Colee Hotel

Best of all? There’s a rooftop pool that overlooks Peachtree. And of course, they spared no detail on the design.

The rooftop pool at the Colee hotel in Buckhead Atlanta

If you’re looking for a really fun and quirky staycation-ready instagrammable spot in Atlanta, this is where you’ll wanna be.


West Midtown is honestly becoming the spot to be in town lately. And this new (within the last year) destination should definitely be on your list of places to check out.

Overview of the Puttshack West Midtown holes

Puttshack is perfect whether you’re looking to do something during the day or at night. The bright colors and different themes at each hole solidify its spot on the list of the most Instagrammable spots in Atlanta.

Puttshack West Midtown
Puttshack West Midtown "Putt-man" hole in the style of pacman

My boyfriend and I came here for a date night several months ago, and not only did we grab tons of fun pictures, but we also had a blast putting it up and getting some good drinks from their bar.

THRIVE Downtown

If you’re looking for a sexy and cool nighttime dinner and drinks spot, this is it. Although the design still looks good during the day, at night is when it really shines.

THRIVE downtown restaurant with funky globe pendant lights and honeycomb details

The food is bomb. The lighting is perfect. And it has all the subtle upscale details that are the perfect backdrop for any picture you take.

This was actually a random stop-in for us as we were looking for a place to eat downtown. And as soon as we stepped in, I got my phone out to snap some pictures for my interior design Instagram (@homeyhomies if you wanna follow me)

THRIVE downtown restaurant with funky globe pendant lights and honeycomb details and neon light accents

A few details that stood out to me: The honeycomb details with the lighting on the ceiling, which is repeated on the bar. The stringy room divider between the hallway and the rest of the dining area, as well as the windows. And the oversized mural on the back wall.

The Daily West Midtown

View of The Daily West Midtown behind a computer screen - ashy wood details and a very light sage green color on upper walls and ceiling

If you, like me, are constantly on the search for a cute coffee shop to get some work done in, this is it. I found this on a random Google search one day, and I’m so glad I did.

Over in West Midtown, The Daily has a little bit of everything aesthetic-wise, but it all goes so beautifully together. A little bit of bright and colorful abstract motifs, a little bit of industrial with their raw plywood furniture, and even a little bit of vintage schoolhouse vibes with some of their seating and light pastel colors.

And their coffee and food is amazing. So definitely check this out whether you’re just stopping for a quick breakfast or lunch with friends, or looking to grind out a little productivity.

Instagrammable view ofThe Daily West Midtown with a large, colorful mural, modern boho oversized light fixture, concrete floors, wood dining table and bench, and light sage blue/green cushions lining the seats


This one’s another random gem of a coffee shop that I came across in my search one day. We popped in here on a rainy day and I immediately knew that I had to add it to this list.

Exterior of Muchacho restaurant in the historical Atlanta & West Point Railroad building

We stopped in for a coffee and a place to work and ended up finding the perfect vibe and some great food. It’s got a very hip, retro look to it that is the perfect balance between minimalism and maximalism. And it’s a great place to go whether you want to snap some cute pics or soak in some inspiration.

View upon entering Muchacho with a black and teal pendant light, and a retro yellow orange and navy stripe on the wall
View of Muchacho restaurant from back to the front

Saint Julep on the Kimpton Sylvan Hotel Rooftop

I’m gonna say it, this is one of the best hidden gems in Atlanta. The second you step off the elevator (enter through the Kimpton Hotel), this place exudes sophisticated yet comfortable vibes.

The design is very eclectic, with a touch of retro. And they spared no detail making each view of this place pop.

You can sit inside to enjoy your cocktail or small snacks, or you can head outside to their surprisingly HUGE wraparound balcony. There are ample places to sit, both at tables and lounge chairs. And the best part: the view.

Posing in front of the view of downtown Buckhead

And to top it all off, the cocktails are incredible. We grabbed a few drinks, headed to the balcony, and spent some time giving their fun (but hard af) crossword a go that’s on the back of the menu.

The Underground

I was hesitant to include this one, because it definitely gives me fever dream feels. However, if you’re looking for a place to go strictly to take some photos, you may want to add this to your list.

Photo taken at the underground atlanta with moody neon lighting
Photo taken at the underground atlanta with moody neon lighting

There is some graffiti, interesting little pockets to pose in, and some cool neon signs. It’s a decidedly grungy look for sure, but if that’s what you’re looking for, check it out.

Have fun checking out all the most instagrammable spots in Atlanta!

I will actually be relocating from Atlanta to Los Angeles in the coming months. So although that brings this series to a close, keep an eye out for the LA edition soon!

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