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Best interior design blogs 2022: the ultimate list

Blogs are one of the best gifts of the internet. Anything you could ever need to learn, you can find it on a blog somewhere. And interior design is no exception. Prior to getting my interior design certification from the Interior Design Institute, I learned all I could from blogs. And even now, they’re such a great way to stay up-to-date on all the latest trends and techniques. So I put together this massive list of the best interior design blogs to help you find the inspiration you’re looking for.

And I’ve broken it up to make it easier for you to find exactly what you’re looking for. There are so many different facets to interior design, and so many subgroups of blogs, so I tried to reflect that in this list.

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You can click through the following to find what you’re looking for:

Interior design trend blogs

Blogs by interior designers

Lifestyle interior design blogs

Interior design DIY blogs

There are tons of blogs out there that primarily focus on keeping their audiences up-to-date on the latest trends in interior design and design products.

These are great references to stay hip on new developments in the industry. Whether you’re an interior designer yourself, or you just love to experiment with your own home.

best interior design trend blog: clever by AD

Clever by AD

I had to include this blog as #1 on this list, because it’s my absolute favorite.

Clever is a blog created by Architectural Digest, so you can be sure that they know their shit.

This blog has anything from new trend alerts, to tours of some of the best everyday design you’ve ever seen, design tips, product recommendations, and more.

Homey Homies

A little shameless self-promotion. I created homey homies to be the #1 resource on design with personality. Here, we keep tabs on the latest trends and design styles, but with a focus on using them in a way that reflects your own personal style.

If you’re looking for really practical tips on design, product recs that will make a statement in your home, and budget-friendly hacks, this is the blog for you.

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Apartment Therapy interior design blog homepage

Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy is a great blog if you’re looking for really practical advice on how to create the best home you can. It’s a good mix of industry trends and inspiration.

What I really like about this blog is how it is really curated to smaller rental spaces. There is definitely inspiration here for everyone, but it’s great that so much of the advice can be applied even if you don’t have some massive, expensive place.

Design milk interior design home page

Design Milk

In contrast to the last blog, Design Milk is a really good reference for industry trends rather than focusing on practical advice necessarily.

If you’re a professional interior designer, this is definitely something you want to add to your list of resources. They cover everything from interior design to architecture to product design and more.

They dive really deep into tips for the creative process, so it’s a great reference for any creative.

Design Chic interior design blog homepage

Design Chic

Who doesn’t love a mother-daughter duo? Beth and Christy started this blog to help share their passion for interior design with the world.

This is a great blog for you if you’re a fan of the more farmhouse/shabby chic/traditional side of interior design.

They’ve got lots of great home tours on their blog, as well as some great tips on creating a beautiful home you love.

Dezeen interior design and architecture blog homepage


If you’re looking for an endless supply of aspirational interior design and architecture inspiration, you need to check out Dezeen.

This is the most “news-y” of all of the blogs on this list.

If you take pride in always knowing the newest architectural projects, design contests, product drops and more, Dezeen has you covered.

Coco Cozy interior design blog homepage

Coco Cozy

I was conflicted whether to include this on the lifestyle list or trends, but ultimately decided to put it here.

Coco Cozy is run by Colette “Coco” Shelton. And it’s got tons of tips not only on the latest trends, but also practical advice that you can implement in your own home.

It originally started as a documentation of Coco’s home renovation, and it’s just evolved from there.

If you like this blog and want more, you can watch the COCOCOZY Design House series on Amazon Prime, which documents a full renovation of Spanish-style home.

best interior design blogs: by interior designers

Who better to learn from than interior designers themselves? These blogs are all run by professional designers with years of experience under their belts.

You can expect the most high-quality of pictures and some great inspiration if you’re looking to up your design game.

Jungalow by Justina Blakeney interior design blog homepge

Jungalow by Justina Blakeney

If you haven’t heard of Justina Blakeney before, you’re in for a treat. You’ve probably seen the Jungalow x Opalhouse collaboration collection in Target, though.

This blog is full of so much color and plants, so it’s an immediate mood booster.

Amber Interiors blog homepage

Amber Interiors

While more of a portfolio website than a blog, I still wanted to include this recommendation.

Amber Interior Interior design creates projects that are full of such lush natural luxury. If you’re ever in need of a little inspiration for your own projects, a scroll through this site will give you what you need.

D'KOR Home interior design blog homepage

D’KOR Home

Danielle Frazier is the force behind D’KOR home. She was voted the “Best of Houz” for Dallas interior designers, so you can trust her chops.

In her words, she “loves designing rooms that envelope functionality and details.”

On her blog, you’ll find rundowns of her current projects, trends, and lots of practical advice.

Coco Lapine Design blog homepage

Coco Lapine Design

Another Coco made the list! Coco Lapine Design is run by Sarah, a Belgian designer living in Munich. She’s all about interior and graphic design.

She uses this blog as a space to space everything that inspires her. So there’s tons of great stuff to check out to give you some great ideas to incorporate into your own life.

Becki Owens blog homepage

Becki Owens

Becki Owens is a lifelong design enthusiast whose designs popped as soon as she started sharing photos of her own projects. Now she’s a full-blown interior designer and blogger sharing her creative visions with us.

She shares a little bit of lifestyle content here and there, but she’s got loads of design content for whatever you need. Just click on down the “Design” tab on her website and you’ll see design tips and “get the look” recommendations for every single space in your home.

Lark & Linen interior design blog homepage

Lark & Linen

Toronto interior designer Jacquelyn Clark is the voice of the Lark & Linen blog. Here’s what she has to say about what Lark & Linen is to her:

“This blog right here is my happy place. It’s where I spill my guts and fill my soul and share the best of the best from around the web.”

This blog is a bright and airy palette cleanser to look at. You can definitely understand her design point of view within a second of entering the site. So if you want to recreate that vibe in your own home, her tips and inspiration are perfect for you.

Studio McGee interior design blog homepage

Studio McGee – Shea McGee

If you’ve seen Dream Home Makeover, then you’ve seen Studio McGee in action!

Studio McGee is the design studio, but you can also get lots of design tips and styling inspiration on their blog. Anything from paint colors to trends to tips curated for specific rooms, you can find it there.

Liz Marie Blog homepage

Liz Marie Blog

Liz sets the tone for her blog right on the home page: “let me help you find your own personal version of cozy.”

This is the blog for you if you love the cozy, shabby farmhouse look.

If you want to stay up-to-date with the blog, you can subscribe to Letter from Liz. It’s weekly newsletter filled with coupon codes, insider deals, and round-ups from the blog.

Kathy Kuo Home: The Kuotes homepage

Kathy Kuo Home: The Kuotes

Kathy Kuo is an iconic interior designer who you may have seen on tv. On top of her entertainment ventures and interior design firm, she decided to start a blog to share her passion with the world.

Check out her blog for project reveals, influencer partnerships, pro tips from Kathy and other experts on how to #LoveWhereYouLive.

best interior design blogs: lifestyle

Some blogs put out loads of great interior design content, but with more of a lifestyle lens. These blogs are great for those of you who are interested in interior design, but you want a wider range of content to browse through as well.

Many of these blogs have super practical information related to the home in general as well – like cleaning tips, organization, parenting tips, and more.

Style by Emily Henderson interior design blog homepage

Style by Emily Henderson

If you look at any roundup of interior design or lifestyle blogs, you’ll usually find Emily Henderson at the top of the list.

For the design lover who wants a little extra on the side. As Emily says;

“We write the articles about design, style, and life that we would want to read. And we create the content that we wish was out in the world. Sometimes we write about window treatments or rugs, other times we write about swimsuits, soup, or my husbands therapy.”

Old Brand New blog homepage


I found Dabito, the founder of OLD BRAND NEW, on Instagram and I’m so glad I did.

He has such a unique point of view and uses color in such a good way; the spaces he creates are bright and colorful, but still somehow understated and mature.

On the blog, he shares some amazing interior design inspiration, of course, but he also shares beautiful images from his travels.

He even has his “Jukebox” series where he shares curated playlists for the season.

Truly everything you could want in a blog, I think.

Hunted interior blog homepage

Hunted Interior

This blog was started to help people “hunt” for their own style and bring it to life, no matter the budget.

Kristin Jackson, the founder, spent years as an International Hotel designer. So she has a really unique perspective, bringing the luxury insight mixed with a budget-friendly focus.

Eyeswoon blog homepage


Eyeswoon has some of the most beautiful imagery you can find on any interior design blog.

If I were to describe this blog in one phrase it would be this: how to elevate your home.

Whether it’s interior design tips, hosting essentials, or recipes, Eyeswoon screams luxury. So if you’re looking to sprinkle a little more lushness in your home, this should be your go-to resource.

Apartment 34 interior design blog homepage

Apartment 34

Apartment 34 is all about inspiring tips and ideas for an intentional approach to modern living.

They share sophisticated décor, style, travel, entertaining – all the moments that help you elevate your daily life.

The SSS Edit by Sarah Sherman Samuel blog homepage

The SSS Edit by Sarah Sherman Samuel

This blog, written by Sarah Sherman Samuel, is a design and lifestyle destination where she shares stories for incorporating the joy of design into everyday living, covering topics on home decor, entertaining, personal style, and travel.

Launched in 2012 as a personal blog to catalogue the renovations of her cabin in Michigan, the site quickly grew into a place of community for designers, tastemakers, and those who seek a refined aesthetic in all aspects of life.

Savvy Home interior design blog homepage

Savvy Home

Savvy Home was founded in 2010 out of a beach house on the coast of South Australia. Gabrielle, who had been living in Adelaide for a year, was decorating her new home in a new city and felt the need to share the process with her family and friends back in Montreal. Savvy Home was born.

Five years and five homes later, Savvy Home has grown to become not just a blog, but an online decor destination 
providing inspiration and decor services to savvy millennial women. The Savvy Home aesthetic is influenced by a love for coastal destinations, mixed with a sleek modern edge.

The Inspired Room blog homepage

The Inspired Room

The Inspired Room is written by Melissa Michaels, a New York Times Best Seller.

The main focus of TIR is finding contentment at home.

“I focus on embracing the seasons to putter + nest, find peace and comfort in rhythms + routines, get inspired to gather + welcome others into our home, and care for our well-being by keeping our life and home clean + simple,” Melissa says.

All Sorts Of blog homepage

All Sorts Of

Earlier on this list, I included Amber Interiors. But if you want more, ta-dah, I’ve got All Sorts Of, a blog started by Amber Interiors founder Amber Lewis.

Its a lifestyle blog that provides an informative, inspiring resource for all aspects of design, lifestyle and entrepreneurship.

As a continuation of the brand’s already established eclectic design practice, All Sorts Of is a destination for advice on everything from the details of decor to the big picture of business. Amber Lewis is the founder of Amber Interiors, a Los Angeles-based interior design studio best known for her California-inspired aesthetic.

CoCo Kelley interior design blog homepage

CoCo Kelley

Coco Kelley was founded by Cassandra LaValle in 2007.

While the platform has grown and evolved over the years, their mission to curate and create fresh ideas for a well-styled life remains the same.

From interiors, parties and tabletops to travel, food and fashion – they approach it all with an urbane eye that captures the essence of effortless sophistication.

Hygge for Home blog homepage

Hygge for Home

The term “Hygge” is a scandinavian word meaning comfort/coziness. This blog is all about how to bring some hygge to your home.

The founder, Reena, has a passion for modern rustic interiors, but she likes to mix it up with industrial and boho styles. So you can expect lots of that kind of content on the blog.

Better Homes and Gardens blog homepage

Better Homes & Gardens

You probably see their magazines all the time in the grocery store line. But have you ever checked out their blog?

You’ll find anything from recipes to entertaining tips to home tips to other lifestyle content.

Decor8 interior design blog homepage


decor8 is a curated interior design, trend, decorating and lifestyle blog featuring stories and products to educate and inspire readers.

It’s truly an OG blog, started in 2006.

The Spruce blog homepage

The Spruce

At The Spruce, they offer practical, real-life tips and inspiration to help you make your best home.

From decorating and gardening advice, to entertaining and home repair how-tos, The Spruce can show you how.

They have over 45 expert writers on staff and a backlog of over 14,000 articles. So there’s truly no end to the knowledge you can get scrolling through their site.

best interior design blogs: DIYs + budget-friendly

If you’re scrappy and budget-conscious, there’s no shortage of blogs out there to feed your creativity. Expect lots of tutorials, hacks, and inspiration that you can use to create a home you love yourself.

Chris Loves Julia

Chris Loves Julia DIY blog homepage

Looking for some staple posts on interior design?

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