Iridescent inspired bathroom makeover

apartment bathroom makeover: iridescent-inspired

Sometimes, your spaces just need a refresh. No matter how cute it realistically looked before. And in a room that is typically as neglected, design-wise, as the bathroom, a bathroom makeover is such a great instant upgrade.

My bathroom wasn’t terrible before. It was just tired. It had more of a boho theme that just isn’t me.

sneak peak at what it looked like pre bathroom makeover

(…at the beginning of this video because I forgot to take before pics. Whoops)


i’ve been eyeing this shower curtain for a minute so i’m so excited

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So I got to strategizing. I knew that I still wanted the “hotel-like” guest vanity for when people visited. But I wanted a more fun, colorful vibe.

I’ve been really obsessed with the iridescent trend lately. It gives me all the futuristic, utopian vibes I could ever want. The name of the game for me in design this year is chill yet interesting, and I think that’s exactly what this trend does. I love the idea of combining energetic pastels to create an inspiring yet relaxing experience, especially in a room like the bathroom where relaxation should be considered.

So I wanted to base my design off of the iridescent trend. But I also recently made this water color painting that I think fit right into the vibe of this trend. So this also served as a base to my design process.

Watercolor painting of two human figures

the plan

Since it’s an iridescent-inspired bathroom, I obviously needed to have at least a little actual iridescent accent in the bathroom. But on top of that, I based my color scheme on some colors that are typically visible in iridescent items: pink, light teal, green, and a little yellow and orange. But I sprinkled in just a little bit of pastel to add to the relaxed vibe and contrast with the highly saturated colors.

What I really love about this color scheme is the mix of warm and cool colors. This contrast is really striking to me, and I don’t think this project would have turned out the same had I gone strictly cool or warm.

In terms of materials, I thought that shiny vinyl and smooth plastics would be some great options to give it that chill but futuristic look I was hoping for.

And of course, because I love having fun lil elements in every room in my house, I also wanted something to add a little fun and character to the room. Even one good accent would be perfect.

and here’s the end result!

I’m so happy with the way it turned out! I love that this is the impression that my guests get when walking into the bathroom. It’s happy yet relaxing, and to me, that means a job well done.

Pro tip: if you have a guest bathroom, or even just a guest vanity area like me, I would highly suggest putting a little tray of mini toiletries out. Not only is this such a cute touch that your guests will appreciate, but it’s also a good use for those little sample bottles that you just add to endlessly if you’re anything like me.

had to make another watercolor to go along with the original inspiration to fill the wall immediately to your left as you walk in
Overview of bathroom makeover
Iridescent acrylic tray with display of toiletries
Sink with mint green soap dispenser and dried eucalyptus leaves in clear glass vase
View of bathroom with clear pink PVC shower curtain and egg bath mat
Watercolor painting hanging over toilet
View of bathroom wall with DIY shelf
Check out this DIY shelf tutorial
Mirror picture in the bathroom makeover space

shop the look

If you’re looking to create a similar design scheme in your bathroom, I’ve linked every piece I bought below! Enjoy, and feel free to tag me on Instagram @homeyhomies if you recreate this look!

Shower curtain – Quiet Town


pink sun shower curtain - quiet town

Egg rug – Amazon


Bath mat with small smiley face egg design

Iridescent acrylic tray – Amazon


Iridescent cosmetics tray

Light teal towels – Target


Quick Dry Ribbed Bath Towel Set - Threshold™ - image 1 of 7

Light teal bath mat – Target


Everyday Chenille Bath Rug - Room Essentials™ - image 1 of 12

Terrazzo hand towel – Target


Terrazzo Multi Printed Hand Towel - Room Essentials™ - image 1 of 3

White trash can – Target


Slim Oval Bathroom Wastebasket - Threshold™ - image 1 of 4

Soap dispenser – Target


Soap Pump Mint - Room Essentials™ - image 1 of 5

want to see the full video reveal? check out the tiktok below


waited a month for this shower curtain but it finally came 😋 ##roommakeover ##bathroommakeover

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