Balcony/patio inspiration

Balcony/patio inspiration: beautiful outside spaces

Our balconies and patios are our connection to the outside world right now. If you’re itching to decorate your space as hard as I am, here is some inspiration before you go out and drop some cash on decorations.

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This past few years showed us the intense luxury of having a great outdoor space. Whether it’s a small stoop or a full-on balcony.

But before the pandemic forced us into appreciating these spaces, I think that this is the area where design is most often neglected. But these outdoor spaces are such amazing opportunities for fun, functional, and beautiful design.

I’m living proof of what happens when you neglect these spaces. This is what my balcony looked like for the majority of my time in this apartment.

Undecorated balcony with milk crates, folding chair, small orange and white table, and plants on the ground

And as the owner of an interior design blog, that’s just unacceptable. So I worked with what I had, got some new details, and did a little DIYing.

Here’s the end result:

It’s definitely a decidedly DIY and casual design, but I love it. The seat/bed is just made of two wood pallets stacked on top of each other with two seat cushions tied together and then to the wood below them. The fit ended up being absolutely perfect, and it’s my favorite place to sit in good weather to read, eat, work, or just relax.

bring on the inspo

So for now, for your benefit and for mine, let’s take a look at some amazing outdoor balcony/patio spaces.

Some are admittedly out of my tax bracket, but let’s live vicariously through these pictures and hopefully find some inspiration for ways to spice our outside space up a little bit.

For every picture, I’ll give you some suggestions to get the look in your own home.

Magical natural balcony

Between the hanging twinkle lights, the muted color palette, and the wooden accents, this balcony is a dream for those who want a captivating balcony. Although we’re not all blessed with that sweeping city view, it’s actually quite easy to recreate this look for your own space.

Balcony with twinkle lights

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Feminine Parisian cafe

This scene gives me such Parisian summer vibes. Imagine morning coffees or evening wines and charcuterie boards here. It’s just feminine enough, but with an understated and sophisticated twist.

Small seating vignette in the corner of balcony

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Modern biophilic design

This balcony has a luxurious feel that is still really natural. Even if your outdoor space doesn’t have the beautiful wood-paneled wall that this one does, you can introduce the natural elements in many other ways.

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Eclectic bohemian

If you’re into eclectic interior design, you may want to draw some inspiration from this outdoor space.

With lots of colors and different textures, this design can really give you a lot of room to express your personality and make a big statement.

 Eclectic bohemian balcony with floor pillows, plants, and many bright and colorful accents

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Modern minimalist luxury

The view and the interesting shades here are really the stars of the show. So you don’t want to overpower them with too many details. If you have a similar space, you can take some inspiration from the style here.

Contemporary Outdoor Space by Mir Rivera Architects and Mir Rivera Architects in Austin Texas
Source: Robert Reck

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Calming mediterranean

One thing I love about the Mediterranean style in general is how fresh it looks. The bright whites and blues immediately give Mediterranean-inspired spaces that breezy, oceanside look.

And the great thing about this space is it’s super easy recreate, whether you have a giant balcony to work with or not.

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Yellow and pink wire chairs on a grey balcony

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And now we’ll wrap it up with an outdoor balcony space that has a similar vibe to mine. If you like the DIY look, I would highly recommend trying to make something out of wood pallets. You can usually find some for cheap or free on Facebook, and the possibilities are endless.

enjoy the sunshine, have fun designing your balcony, and
keep it homey, homies


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