The Jetsons home brought to life

The Jetsons home brought to life
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I’ve been considering recreating a fictional room for a while, I just wasn’t sure which show to use as my inspiration. I considered iCarly, Drake & Josh, That’s So Raven, but ultimately decided it would be the most fun to do it with a cartoon. And what better cartoon to use than The Jetsons? I’ve been really into the whole retro-meets-modern style in my own place lately, and I think the style and architecture in the Jetsons is pretty much spot-on.

So I studied pictures of the living room and dining room from the show. Then I took to the internet to find real-life furniture that looks as close to possible to their cartoon counterparts.

The furniture in this post won’t be as accessible as the rest of the content on this blog. Because surprisingly, or maybe not so surprisingly, this furniture was pretty hard to find since it was so specific.

So I will not be running out to buy this stuff anytime soon, but it was super fun to try to reimagine the cartoon world in the real world.

I drew up some mock-ups of the rooms. The architectural aspects of the room are drawn, but the fixtures are all real pieces that you can check out online. So enjoy, and I hope you take some real inspiration for your own place, I know I did!

living room

From the show:

Image result for the jetsons living room

My take:


Couch – Homary, $899.99

Coffee table – LeisureMod, $529

Knot pillow – Eye on Design, $39

Side table – Industry West, $395 (no longer available)

Chair – Kardiel, $954 (no longer available)

Light fixture – Beautiful Halo, $74.59

Bonsai tree – Bonsai Outlet, $129.95

Rug – Article, $479

dining room

From the show:

Image result for the jetsons dining room

My take:

Image result for the jetsons dining room

Rug –, $200

Table – GlassTops Direct, $774.90

Chairs – Rouse Home, $1,700

Buffet – World Market, $384.99

Wallpaper – MuralsWallpaper, $4.40/ sq. foot

Light fixture – Dutton Brown Design, $799

Hope you enjoyed my take on the Jetsons house, and leave a comment below if you’d like to see some other recreations in the future!

keep it homey, homies


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