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Budget bedroom makeover: under $200

My bedroom is the room that I put off decorating for the longest time. I don’t know what it is about this room that’s so difficult for me, but it is. In a previous blog post, I detailed the updates I made to create the moody, jewel-toned bedroom of my pinterest dreams. Well that was cute for a while, but now it’s time for an update. I decided to give myself a budget bedroom makeover, challenging myself to stay under $200.

I had my doubt at first as to whether I could totally transform a bedroom for that amount of money, but I did it. And I did it with $1 to spare.

The vision

My vision with bedroom 2.0 came from what I didn’t like about bedroom 1.0. The main thing: it was way too dark. I liked the moody color scheme at first, but when it came to actually trying to relax in that room, it didn’t work.

Here’s a peek at what I started working with:

moody jewel tone bedroom with navy blue bedspread, black and white zebra rug, golden velvet curtain hung as a headboard.

So for the makeover, I wanted more neutral, light colors. The vibe I wanted to go for was calming, relaxing, and spa-like. But with just a pop of color and quirk to make it my style.

Here’s the direction I decided on.

Budget bedroom makeover mood board with a sunny relaxation vibe - yellow, black, white and cream color scheme

the plan

My main priorities to bring this plan to life:

  • floating bedside tables – my room has been uneven with only a single bedside table. So the symmetry is off… and my boyfriend is sick of putting drinks on the floor next to the bed. So I set out to get a set of 2. And I wanted them to be floating to visually de-clutter the room and maximize floor space.
  • new mirror – the chunky and ornate gold mirror was cute, but I wanted to switch up the vibe. And needed something that was truly floor length. So the goal was to find an oversized, black-rimmed mirror.
  • lighter bedspread – the first thing you noticed when you walked into my old room was that deep navy blue velvet comforter. It immediately darkened the room. So the new comforter should be light colored. Ideally not bright white because I wasn’t digging the idea of washing it every single week. So the goal was to find a cozy one in a cream or tan color.

I also wanted to move some things around to bring some more comfortable rhythm to the room. And swap out some artwork that’s been there for too long.

And to save some budget, I decided to DIY a painted “headboard” instead of shelling out the $150+ to buy a new one. I’m a big fan of any and all DIY projects, so if it can save me a lot of money in the process, I’m all in.

Here’s the 2D rendering I made to visualize my ideas.

2D mockup of a bedroom with a zebra rug, cream beanbag, golden velvet curtain, matching floating bedside tables, painted on "headboard," ovesized black rimmed mirror and artwork on the wall

Since this project was done on a tight budget, planning out every single dollar was so important. So here was my plan:

  • mirror – $50
  • comforter $50
  • bedside table – $30
  • pillowcases – $10
  • bedskirt – $10
  • frames – $15
  • paint – $5
  • bench – $30

It goes without saying – that budget plan definitely wasn’t followed to a T. I had to sacrifice some things, and ended up staying other budget on other things.


I ended up getting a lot less things secondhand than I thought I would. The thrift stores honestly let me down a little this time around. But I did find a lot of good deals on almost everything. Here’s my total receipt for everything:

  • 64″ x 24″ mirror – Facebook marketplace, $80
  • Tan comforter with 2 shams – Bed, Bath, and Beyond, $40 (on sale from $80)
  • 2 bedside tables – The Container Store, $50 ($25 each – coupon used to bring it down from $30 each)
  • bedskirt – Target, $15
  • 1 large picture frame – Goodwill, $5
  • 2 8×8 frames – Walmart, $4 ($2 each)
  • 8 oz sample of Behr Chestnut Bisque paint – The Home Depot, $5

So I was able to stay under my budget of $200 by totaling in at $199!

the budget bedroom makeover reveal

Keep scrolling to see all of the final reveal pictures, and scroll all the way to the bottom to see my video walking you through the whole budget bedroom makeover design process!

Budget bedroom makeover final reveal - bed with with a light taupe bedspread, painted on headboard
next to bed area - floating bedside table, fuzzy cream beanbag, and large artwork
Budget bedroom makeover - bedside area left - gold floor lamp, floating white and light wood bedside table
Budget bedroom makeover - dressing area with a zebra rug, black lack stand, oversized black rim mirror, and tree branch jewelry organizer
Budget bedroom makeover - curtains closed with sunlight coming into room

planning your own budget makeover?

If you want a little help making the right decisions to make the biggest impact with the smallest budget, I’m there! I just launched my budget makeover package.

I can help you enhance what’s going right in your current space, make adjustments, and only spend money where you need to. And I can create a whole new vibe in your room no matter if you budget is $75 or $200.

Tap the image below to fill out a form and schedule a free 30-minute consultation with me! (This service can be virtual, so feel free to reach out no matter where you are in the world!)

budget bedroom makeover package

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