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Semi-furnished Atlanta apartment tour + my plans

A tour of my new 2 bedroom apartment and a rundown of my plans for it. It’s lookin a little crazy now, but I promise it will come together soon.

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Hey everyone! Coming at you today on a Tuesday. Being stuck inside and working home from this week gave me a little bit more free time. So I thought I would share the love with the blog and put up an extra post

I’m trying something new out that could maaaybe end up working out really well.

Background story: I used to have this YouTube channel in college. It seemed like everyone was starting one, and it looked so fun. So I started, all excited but with no clear plan, and of course that led to me only posting every couple of months. Which led to not one single video in the last almost 2 years.



I thought what better reason to revamp the channel than to post videos to beef this blog up a little bit? I know that I watch a ton of interior design-ish videos on there, and you can really never have too many.

So I had that idea and then immediately recorded a new video marking my YT resurrection. (the editing was not so immediate, it took about 2 weeks to get around to that)

And that’s what I have for you today! I talk about why I left, why I’m coming back, and what to expect for the channel, but probably most interesting to y’all here, I give you a full tour of my new place and discuss my potential design plans, rooms by room.

I’ve been talking all this “my new place” shit all over here, so I figured you deserve to see this new place you’ve been hearing all about.

So, enjoy. And subscribe if you want!

keep it homey, homies

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