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For the second installment in this designer spotlight series, I decided to throw in a curveball. This week, I’m highlighting a graphic designer/artist instead of an interior designer. I came across this amazing artist semi-recently on YouTube, and I quickly became obsessed. His name is Denzel, also known as CurrieGOAT.

Denzel of curriegoat posing with a peace sign in front of his handmade punch needle rug
currigoat on Instagram

who is CurrieGOAT?

So Denzel is pretty much the definition of a multi-talented artist. He’s a London-based artist that can basically do anything that he tries to do. And he can do it very well. Like I said, I first came across him on his YouTube channel. Not only is his voice ASMR-level relaxing to listen to. Like forreal it will relieve your anxiety. But he gives really in-depth tutorials on the projects that he creates.

The first video I stumbled into was the one below, where he creates a punch needle rug using one of his designs. My first thought when I watched the video was, “wow I need to get punch needle tools.” My second thought was, “wow I need more of this guy’s content in my life.”

He also has videos about things like painting designs on clothing, making sneaker patches, creating a sketchbook, and making a whole fucking leather bag from scratch.

His aesthetic is definitely super unique. He’s all about detail, flames, animals, and the color brown. He’s one of those artists where you look at a piece and you just know it’s his.

There are tons of people who are amazing at artwork, but what I love about him is how great he is at explaining his process. And honestly the fact that he’s even willing to share.

In every video that I’ve seen of his, he gives an in-depth look into the tools he uses and the steps he takes to complete his projects. These tools can be anything from physical tools like needle punches and brushes to the specific materials he uses to Adobe Illustrator. Although he’s obviously way more talented than most people could ever hope to be, he makes the process of creating seem so accessible.

Denzel of curriegoat in a brown hoodie with his design on it, a black, orange, brown and yellow curriegoat bag hanging around his neck.

how to support him

I have a feeling he is about to blow tf up, so jump on the bandwagon now. You can follow his Youtube if you want to get hooked and start wanting to spend all your money on crafting supplies.

If you’re just looking for some everyday inspiration, you can follow him on Instagram. He’s constantly posting his projects there, and his feed is just about as beautiful and cohesive as you’d expect from an artist.

And did I mention he also has a clothing brand?? Of course he does. You can buy all his shit at And you can also follow his brand’s Instagram to see when he drops new pieces.

I’m literally buying the “Cerberus” pants right now. I suggest you go do the same 😉

keep it homey, homies

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