non-cheesy halloween decorations

Non-cheesy Halloween decorations

Besides Thanksgiving, Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. I used to look forward to the 31 nights of Halloween on ABC Family every single year. Hardcore. It’s partly that I love the coziness of fall and partly that I love the decorations and costumes. Now that I’ve gotten older, though, some of the decorations seems a little wack. It can be tough to find non-cheesy Halloween decorations. But they’re out there. It’s all about finding the right vibe.

Rather than the bright orange and black, Jack-O-lantern shit, I like to pick up on the more subtle, creepy components of Halloween. They key, for me, is mixing the darker, spooky vibe of Halloween with a general autumnal vibe.

And a little can honestly go a long way. You don’t have to completely deck out your whole house (unless you want to). Adding small details here and there can keep it festive without making it look like a third grade classroom.

Here are some suggestions for some great, non-cheesy Halloween decorations that you can buy to get your house looking right this year.

ouija board throw blanket

I blame it on my mom and how I grew up, but I believe that you can never have too many blankets. If I have 10 people over, I want them all to have their own blanket. That being said, decorative throws are the perfect thing to get and change out seasonally.

ouija board blanket - non-cheesy halloween decorations
Fleece blanket throw by fantasyhomewares

I’m obsessed with this one. It’s kinda creepy and seasonal, but it doesn’t necessarily scream, “I’m a Halloween decoration!”


Like blankets, you can also never have too many candles. I like to light candles almost every day to make my house smell good, or just to set a vibe with unscented candles. I’ve got my tried and true mahogany teakwood burning next to me as I type this.

The good thing about candles is that they’re relatively cheap, too. So it’s super easy to get some novelty ones to give your home that a creepy, Halloween feel. I am personally feeling the skull candles vibe right now.

pastel skull candles - non-cheesy halloween decorations
Pastel skull candles by Ember Candle Co
Black Skull Candle by Disturbia

If you wanna go even more subtle than that, you can also just do some really cozy fall-scented candles.

Medium Pumpkin Vanilla Pumpkin Stucco Candle - Threshold™
Smoked Cedar-scented candle from Target

cauldrons/candy bowls

Candy is arguably one of the best parts of Halloween. Even if you’re too grown for trick-or-treating, it should be mandatory to have a candy bowl in your house. But this can so easily be customized based on your decor preferences. If you want to go for a more typical looking “witch’s cauldron” that doesn’t look like you bought it from Party City, I love the idea of a brass container.

I also am really into the idea of big apothecary containers. They still have that witchy feel, but it’s a little more delicate and nuanced.

apothecary jars - non-cheesy halloween decorations
Set of 3 Glass Apothecary Jar from Vase Market

string lights

These are always the move. But especially during Halloween. This is honestly the number one non-cheesy Halloween decoration that I could think of. Moodiness/creepiness is achieved in a large part through the lighting. These string lights have the creepy vintage feel and will also give off the perfect low lighting. These can be used either in an indoor or outdoor space.

Outdoor edison bulb string lights - non-cheesy halloween decorations
String lights from Home Depot


Okay bringing it back to candles now. When you think of a creepy, old, haunted house, you think of all these delicate candelabras, right? It can’t just be me.

There’s something so effective about decorative, vintage-looking candlesticks that just scream Halloween to me. It’s high impact with minimal effort. Just stick these shits in the middle of your dining table or an entryway table and you’re good to go.

black candlebras - non-cheesy halloween decorations
Black Metal Taper Candelabra from World Market
black brass candle holders
Set of 3 brass candle holders from OpenTip

If taller candlesticks aren’t quite your thing, you can also go with some more squat candle holders that you can sprinkle in on desks, mantels, etc.

short black wire hurricane candleholders - non-cheesy halloween decorations
Black Antique Wire Hurricane Candleholder from World Market

neutral pumpkins

I don’t gaf if pumpkins are a little played out. I’m gonna rock them during the Halloween season til I die. If you keep it neutral, pumpkins decor can still look super sophisticated and not basic.

Felted Wool Pumpkin
Felted Wool Pumpkin | A Cottage in the City
white bisque pumpkins
Bisque pumpkins from Ballard Designs

And if you want to support an amazing small business, you can get some really fucking cute crochet pumpkins from the Happy Hooker. If Micayla’s work looks familiar, you’re an OG homey homie 😉

To buy some for your own home, send Micayla a DM on Insta!

bar supplies

My thing basically since the beginning of quarantine has been mixology. Sure, it may have led me to drink way too much, but all in the name of experimenting, right?

If you have a bar cart, or a bar area, this is the perfect place to make small tweaks to get Halloween-ready.

skull-shaped wine stoppers - non-cheesy halloween decorations
Wine pourer stoppers from Ebay
skeleton bone wine glasses - non-cheesy halloween decorations
Skeleton bone wine glasses from Ebay
skull ice cubes
Skeleton ice cube mold from Walmart

See? It is possible to get in the spirit without making your house look tacky as hell. These non-cheesy Halloween decorations will get your place looking festive but still stylish.

keep it (tastefully) spooky, and
keep it homey, homies

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