Travel diary: Phoenix, Arizona

Travel diary: Phoenix, Arizona – southwestern art deco

A few weekends ago, I was able to go to Phoenix, Arizona for a quick weekend trip for my sister’s birthday. And what I immediately noticed the second I left the airport was how fucking cool all of the architecture was there.

My sister lives near the art district of Phoenix, so when we walked around the neighborhood to explore a little bit, I immediately go to snapping pictures. Even the most mundane of buildings — like a financial center — has such a unique and dope design.


Since it’s in the southwest, there’s obviously a lot of Aztec-y/typical southwest influence in the design and architecture. But what made the city so cool to me was the way that it was mixed with a lot of art deco influence as well. Down to the little details like art deco-esque streetlights.


Even the Starbucks had a design that fit in with the rest of the buildings around it.


I also love the color palette. There are a lot of the typical southwestern staples, like tan and burnt orange, but it seems like there’s often a pop of bright colors, too. Usually it’s just a single bright color, so it really pops against the dusty neutrals.


Another thing I love specifically about the apartment complexes in Phoenix is how a lot of them look like 60’s era motels. They have the cool, retro/art deco vibe and the central courtyard that most of the apartments overlook. I swear every apartment just looks like a gathering place straight out of a cool ass period piece from the 60’s.

60's motel-style apartment courtyard
phoenix travel diary - retro southwestern style
the wexler

And of course, since we were in the art district, there’s lots of art, too. I loved seeing all of the murals on the sides of buildings and underpasses.

art district,

As well as lots of intricately detailed tile typical to the traditional Southwestern style. This tile below was in a car shop.

Here are some other pictures of random beautiful things in Phoenix for your viewing pleasure


And of course, the typical palm tree-lined street picture

the typical palm tree-lined street picture

keep it homey, homies

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