6 months after the Interior Design Institute review - was it worth it?

6 months after Interior Design Institute review

Since writing my review series on my Interior Design Institute experience, I have gotten TONS of emails, DMs, etc. about how it’s helped me in my post-grad life. So here we are with a follow-up to the review series, all about how I’m feeling about the course 6 months after Interior Design Institute graduation.

If you want a super abridged version of this blog post, here it is: overall, I’d say the course still holds up really well. I genuinely feel like the knowledge I got has helped me, and I don’t have any regrets about taking the course.

If you want a little more in depth information, I gotchu – keep reading.

what i’ve accomplished after IDI

My situation may be a little different than many people enrolling in this course, so I just want to give that as a disclaimer. Instead of pursuing a career solely as an interior designer, I am also an interior design blogger (hence this post being here).

And I think that IDI prepared me EXTREMELY well for both.

interior design projects

On the actual project side, having the space planning and harmonious design knowledge was super helpful. What I found most concretely beneficial, though, were the exercises in the course that provided a really solid template for visual communication. This includes mood boards, paint and furniture schedules, site evaluation forms, and floor plans. Having a solid knowledge of best practices gave me a great foundation – and from there I adapted them to reflect my branding and the things that I wanted to emphasize.

Plus the course gave me the language to talk with authority to clients. I was able to show them that I really knew my shit.

Here are some examples of some work that I was able to accomplish as a result of this course.

how to create a mood board
mood board
2d rendering of a bedroom - 6 months after Interior Design Institute
2D “render” of a bedroom – made on Canva

The one criticism I have is to be expected.

I did not get the connections that I would likely get from a more traditional design school experience. This is largely due to the accelerated pace and lack of internship experience. But that’s why it’s significantly less expensive. So you do have to hustle a little harder to be successful than someone from a 2 or 4-year school may have to.

interior design blogging

The course gave me a lot more ammo for blogging, too! I feel so much more confident talking about design now. I still get a ton of value out of one of the very early modules about the different design styles. Being able to differentiate between different architectural and interior styles is so huge when it comes to interior design blogging.

This gives me a really good foundation for trend tracking. When you have the knowledge of what makes each style distinct and where the styles originated from, it makes it a lot easier to identify emerging trends.

The practical interior design knowledge has also been huge in being able to provide really great advice to my audience. I pride myself on running a blog that is equal parts inspirational and educational. And I have IDI to thank for giving me some of the advice that I can firmly stand behind.

the community aspect

I mentioned in my comprehensive IDI review that one of my favorite aspects of the course was the community. And this is even more true now than it was then.

During the course, I loved being able to ask questions to the super active facebook group. Or get insight into future modules from other peoples’ questions. But now that I’m graduated, the support is still just as strong.

Whether it’s needing a little morale boost after having trouble getting clients, opinions on what to do with a tricky room, or even advice about promoting myself on social. The Facebook group helps with all of this. It’s also a great place to just brag a little about something amazing that you achieved. Everyone is always ready to hype you up.

There are several posts on the group every single day. And even if you never post yourself, just looking through the group is helpful. If you have a question, 75% chance someone’s already asked something similar. It’s also a great place to just get some great design inspiration.

so who should take this course?

After my full Interior Design Institute experience, from enrollment to post-grad, I feel I can confidently answer this.

This course is perfect for someone who wants to switch up their career after going through traditional schooling already. Or it’s great for someone who feels they are not fit for the traditional schooling model.

It’s great for someone who is a self-starter and a hustler. You really do get what you put into it. And since I was motivated to learn as much as I can, I feel like I thrived after Interior Design Institute.

If you have any more questions you wanna ask me about my experience, feel free to email me at hannah@homeyhomies.com. I’m always down to answer questions!

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