My bright + colorful office: a fun workspace

My bright + colorful office: a fun workspace

If you’ve been here a while, you know that my office has been a work in progress. It was a room that I put off for a while because it intimidated me. And then I just kind of threw it all together in a night and shared my previous, rushed office update with you. Needless to say, some things had to change. And although my home is a constantly evolving organism, I finally have a home office space that is inspiring, comfortable, and practical. So here’s my bright and colorful office. Hopefully you can see the improvements from the last go.

Full view upon entering the bright and colorful office

I’m not gonna dive too deep into every single specific thing, since most of the furniture is the same as before, but I’ll go ahead and highlight the differences.

starting with: the art

My walls were embarrassingly bare before and I was really dragging my feet on deciding what art to fill my office with. Lucky for me, I have some really creative friends.

One of my best friends from high school has been playing around with Adobe Illustrator a lot lately and wanted to make me some art. So she made and emailed it over, I printed some $.30 prints from Walmart, and all of a sudden, when I added a couple more prints that I traced, I had a full wall of fun, colorful art. Thanks to Goodwill for all of the $1 8×10 frames that also made this possible.

To top it off, I also got this felt thing from a garage sale. Turns out it’s probably a table runner, but if it works for me as art, it’s gonna be art. It definitely did a lot for making my fun, colorful office come together.

Door with the edge painted yellow next to a leaning bookshelf and a long, rectangular orange retro fabric hung on wall.

i finally have a chair!

Up until recently, I was using one of my dining chairs as my office chair. It wasn’t comfy to sit in for extended periods of time, and I was sick of hauling it back and forth between rooms when I needed it.

I searched the internet and thrift stores far and wide for months. And everything was either underwhelming or expensive. Sometimes both.

But then one day, I came across this beautiful chair at Goodwill. It’s comfy, it’s unique, it’s sophisticated. Basically everything I wanted. Definitely a win and another point for thrifting.

Cushy brown leather swivel chair behind orange desk

This chair, mixed with the new positioning of the desk that’s a lot easier to maneuver in and out of, has made me so much more productive and more comfortable in the space.

a new friend

20 gallon turtle tank sitting on a white and yellow sideboard

You might have noticed the huge tank on the sideboard. That’s Blueberry.

Small turtle swimming and looking through glass

He was a 100% spontaneous adoption from some man selling baby turtles at Piedmont Park. But I don’t regret it at all. Although he doesn’t really do much but swim around, stare out the side of the cage, and do supermans on his basking stand, he’s a good addition to the office. Not only do I have a colorful office that’s visually full of life, but now it’s literally full of life with him.

There are some other small updates in the room, including my new rug, the hanging raw pendant light, and, of course, my handmade rainbow pillow. And my Sonos x Ikea speaker lamp that I’m obsessed with.

Before putting this blog post together, I went and looked at my previous update. And I was shocked by how dull and lifeless this office was before. It had good bones, but fully lacked vibrance and customization. Not to gas myself or anything, but I think I did a good ass job of making it happen now.

It immediately feels warm and comforting once you walk in. I love spending time in here now. Whether it’s working, reading, exercising, or anything else. I’m pretty proud of my lil colorful office.

keep it homey, homies

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