The most instagrammable places in atlanta

Most instagrammable places in Atlanta: top tier Atlanta design

On my Instagram, I’ve been documenting all of the amazing design and architecture I come across in Atlanta. It’s one of my favorite things to do on the weekend. Just boppin around town trying to come across some amazing design. So then an idea was born: a blog series on the most instagrammable places in Atlanta.

We all know about the more basic ones like Ponce City Market, the Beltline, and Krog Street Tunnel. So my goal is to share some of the lesser-known places. Some of these places I came about by chance, and others I’ve found from places like Tiktok.

If you’re a fellow design enthusiast looking for inspiration in the Atlanta area – or you’re looking for where to go when you visit – this series is for you. I’m giving you all the best, non-basic spots to hit up in Atlanta that are certified instagrammable. Whether you want a dope backdrop for photos of you, or like me, you need some content for your design-focused IG.

I’m gonna start it out with 3 recent favorite most instagrammable places in Atlanta that I came across. And I’ll keep adding more on as I discover them. So make sure you subscribe to get notified if I post an update!


so now let’s get into the most instagrammable places in Atlanta

I had to start it out with these three, because I was truly amazed when I came across them. There’s one food hall, one hotel, and one marketplace. All of them bring something a little different to the table, but all blew me away when I stopped by.

The W Hotel (Midtown)

The W Atlanta midtown location main lobby
W Atlanta – Midtown hotel’s Welcome Desk and Living Room renovation.

My boyfriend and I accidentally came across this place while looking for the IPIC theater in Midtown. To say we were in awe is an understatement. We already booked a hotel for my birthday staycation and were so blown away that we immediately tried to cancel and rebook here. (Unfortunately, they were already fully booked on that weekend 🙁 so sad)

The W Atlanta Midtown - Atlanta's most instagrammable places
Main lobby with palm leaf wallpaper, art deco chandeliers and other eclectic details

This hotel is the exact opposite of cookie cutter.

It all has a similar theme of lush, colorful, and loud. But each little area in the hotel has its own unique vibe. It’s the perfect mix of unexpected yet still cohesive.

The W Atlanta hotel Midtown - stairs ascending beside pink and green palm leaf wallpaper

Teaser: this hotel is part of a larger area called Colony square that will be included in the next installment of this series, so stay tuned!

The Works ATL/Chattahoochee Food Works (West Midtown – but they call it the Upper Westside now apparently??)

If you find yourself on Atlanta Things To Do TikTok all the time, you’ve likely heard of this. Shout out to the algorithm for giving me something to do in ATL like every weekend.

Chattahoochee Food Works is what they usually show on TikTok, but The Works is much more than just a food hall.

Yes, the biggest thing is the massive food hall with tons of different cuisine. There are lots of small businesses here with their own little (very well designed) booths. The options are overwhelming in the best way. (Definitely check out the comfort thai food!)

But on top of the incredible food hall, the rest of this industrial-style building is filled with other amazing design. The seating options themselves deserve a shoutout. According to the Works IG, Elizabeth Ingram Studio designed the space.

Olive green velvet, white faux leather, a and pale wood seating area with hexagonal tiles on floor - The Works ATL
Art gallery with a hanging circulat chair and safar photography in the background - The Works ATL - most instagrammable places in atlanta
Central social area in The Works ATL - one of the most instagrammable places in atlanta

But there are also a handful of stores here that have tons of great stuff to look at. The stationary store has my heart, and the funky decor store called Basik Spaces (below) got me so inspired to generate so many ideas for my own house.

Basik Spaces in The Works ATL
Ballard Design in The Works ATL

And there’s a nail salon, an art studio, outside lounging spaces, even live music at certain times, and a handful of other stores.


Would absolutely recommend spending a few hours here on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Did I mention they also have a big bar here with frozen drinks?? Warning: may lead to spinning around on these seats afterwards.

Westside Market (West Midtown)

Another feature from West Midtown makes this list. If you’ve ever driven on any highway here, you’ve probably seen a big ass billboard for the Westside Market. I’ve been seeing it since I first moved here and always told myself I need to go.

Well I finally did, and I’m kicking myself for waiting so long.

Westside Market Atlanta - tall, thin sculptures and colorful art/furniture behind  - most instagrammable places in atlanta

There are tons of different stations in here. Some have sculptures, some have furniture, some accessories, and a shit ton of rugs. Whether you’re looking to make purchases, or just want to stroll around the massive storeroom, I would highly recommend.

My instagram @homeyhomies definitely benefitted from being able to harness some of the super unique stuff in here.

I mean just look at this vault-turned bar cabinet. I was in love.

Converted mirrored vault bar cabinet - Westside Market - most instagrammable places in atlanta

which of these most instagrammable places in Atlanta will you be checking out?

I have been really obsessed with discovering new ways to enjoy my own city. Everyone loves to travel, but I think that we all neglect to keep trying to fall in love with our own city. There are new things popping up all the time, so I hope this series can help you continue to discover them all.

Which of these places are you excited to check out? And do you know of any hidden gems in ATL? Let me know in the comments!

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