how i use canva as an interior designer

How i use Canva Pro as an interior designer

I mentioned in my one of my previous blog posts that Canva is one of my favorite digital tools that I use for interior design. It’s an amazing tool that makes communicating my ideas in a visual way a million times easier and more accessible. And it helps me with general business-running stuff as well. So I decided to make a video to walk y’all through how I use Canva Pro as an interior designer.

In this video, I go through my top benefit of Canva, specifically Canva Pro: creating mood boards. I walk through it step-by-step to show you the best tips and tricks in creating a mood board.

But I also show you the other benefits for me as an interior designer. This includes branding, Pinterest promo, and more.

Click on the video below to see how I use Canva Pro as an interior designer. Or keep reading to get the tips.

(Psst. Want a broader overview of the benefits or Canva Pro and if it’s worth it? Read my full rundown here)

If you wanna skip around the video a little to watch the tips that are more relevant to you, here are some timestamps:

1:56 – mood boards and 2D renders

15:50 – branding

19:23 – pinterest

Prefer to read? The video summary is below

1:56 – mood boards, 2D renders + design deliverables

When you’re using Canva Pro as an interior designer, mood boards and 2D renders are going to be your biggest asset. Visually communicating your ideas to your client (or for yourself) is key to interior design. Canva makes that really easy.

The background remover will be your best friend here. It quickly and easily gets rid of everything you don’t need in the background and just keeps the parts you want to highlight.

Canva background remover - picture on left is a photo of an egg rug with a background on it, the photo on the left has no background

Below are some examples of a some mood boards and 2D renderings I made with Canva. In all of them, the background remover was essential to making them look clean.

2D render or interior design mockup of a funky and sunny bedroom made in Canva

I use Canva as a platform to deliver whole interior design projects. I simply create a new project and add a new page for each new deliverable, including floor plans, mood boards, shopping lists, and more.

Click through the file below to see what a full design delivery can look like with Canva Pro.

Elizabeth Design Project by Homey Homies

15:50 – branding

Being an interior designer is about more than just designing – you know that. It also includes running your own business. That’s why the brand kit is such a huge help.

With Canva Pro, you get the full capabilities of the brand kit. On the free version, you technically “have” a brand kit, but it’s really just a 3-color scheme.

With Pro capabilities, you can add tons of brand colors, allowing you to include accent colors, lighter shades of your colors, etc. This is so helpful for things like creating social posts, flyers, headers, and other assets where being on-brand is important. It’s as easy as clicking on your pre-loaded color library.

The Homey Homies brand kit on Canva Pro with brand colors, fonts, and logos

You can also choose your own brand fonts from Canva’s font library, or upload your own font. It will automatically populate these fonts for your headers, subheaders, and body text. It may seem like a small benefit, but when you’re creating tons of content all the time, having these handy at the click of a button is convenient.

The brand kit also houses your logos – even if you have several versions of them.

Sure, you could upload all of these and just have them in your photo library, but the brand kit makes these accessible at your fingertips without having to scroll and search.

19:23 – pinterest

Pinterest is a design lover’s favorite place to spend time. So as an interior designer, you need to meet them there.

I’m constantly creating new pins for pinterest to promote both my blog and virtual interior design services.

Canva Pro not only has hundreds of thousands more templates than the free version of Canva, but it also allows me to schedule pins right from the platform.

If you just post a pin or two here or there, that doesn’t make much of a difference. But if you’re scheduling tons of pins daily, being able to cut out the step of downloading your files, uploading them to pinterest, and scheduling from there is a massive time saver.

Canva Pro social media scheduler

I truly do not know where I would be on Pinterest without Canva’s help.

If you want to give Canva Pro a try and see if it will benefit you and your interior design business, click here for a free 30-day trial!

Or read more about whether Canva Pro is worth it for you or not.

I hope you give it a try and come to love Canva just as much as I do!

keep it homey, homies

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