Justina Blakeney: Designer Spotlight

I decided to start a new series on the blog called “designer spotlight.” And it’s basically exactly what it sounds like. Every month or so, I’m gonna highlight a designer — whether it’s interiors, furniture, fashion, etc. In this series, I wanna dive into the designers background and what I love so much about their work. To kick it off, we’re starting with Justina Blakeney!

Justina Blakeney is much more than just a designer. She actually started out as a blogger just like me, launching her website called Jungalow. That eventually evolved into her branching out into decor/textile design, entrepreneurship, and authoring a book.

In her book, The New Bohemians: Cool and Collected Homes, she explores 20 different beautiful and eclectic homes, while sharing some DIY projects and styling and shopping tips along the way.

Photo from the book The New Bohemians: Cool and Collected Homes.  A Living room with white walls, a bright yellow couch, white fur throw, and lots of yellow, orange, and lime green accessories
Photo from a home featured in The New Bohemians

What I love about her work is the vibrance and liveliness. I’m not typically one for the boho style, but when she does it, it just works.

The use of tons of colors, of course, is mainly what gets me. But she also mixes a variety of textures, patterns, and prints that make a huge statement. And plants, always plants.

Justina Blakeney design - a kitchen with lots of bright green accents

She just creates feel-good spaces and products that bring joy. And who doesn’t need more of that in your life?

what can we learn from Justina Blakeney?

How to embrace the fun side of design. It’s clear in all of her work that though she obviously knows her shit, she doesn’t overthink the design process. If she wants to mix patterns and bold colors, she does it. If she wants to go maximalist as hell, she’s gonna do it (and usually does).

Photo by David Tsay for House Beautiful Magazine. Design by Justina Blakeney. Blue bathroom with half hexagonal tile, half leaf-patterned tile.

Her mission statement on her blog is:

We believe that good design increases quality of life. We believe in the healing power of plants, color, fresh air and good light. We believe that creativity, not wealth, is the key to having an amazing home. Decorate wild!

Justina Blakeney design - living room with teal couch, yellow shag rug, and a white tulip coffee table

Definitely go check out her blog, Jungalow, and buy her book for some serious inspiration. But if you want a little bit of Justina Blakeney to put in your home, you’re in luck. She has SO MANY collabs that you have a million products to choose from. From rugs to bedding to furniture to stationary, even bandaids, she gets around.

keep it homey, homies


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