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About Hannah Michelle Lambert

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Thanks for stopping by! My name’s Hannah Michelle Lambert, and I’m a Los Angeles-based designer, writer, and content strategist. My whole life, I’ve loved writing and design, so Homey Homies was created as a marriage of those two passions.

Recently, it’s evolved to comprise yet another one of my passions: productivity.

So now, on this blog, we’re talking about the intersection of design, productivity and creativity.

Design with personality

I’ve spent the past couple years blogging here on homeyhomies.com but a lifetime obsessing over interiors.

I believe that at the root of great design is the personality of those who live in or consume it. That’s why I seek out highly unique, extra personalized spaces that make you happy to live in.

I love unique statement pieces, lots of color, and tons of personal touches. Although I can appreciate the beauty of minimalist spaces, that’s not where my passion lies. One of the best signs of talent, in my opinion, is when you can make color and pattern look sophisticated while still being fun.

Needless to say, I was obsessed with the Nickelodeon-style interior design when I was younger. Anyone else obsessed with the iCarly apartment?

How does productivity play into this conversation?

You know how people will talk about “type a” and “type b” people as if there’s a hard line between the two? Well, I think it’s bullshit.

As someone who has always felt like the creative and more organized parts of my brain were always competing for my attention, I eventually realized that they can work together.

I think that behind any creative genius (that can reliably create) is a person who is skilled at creating processes to bring out their best creative potential.

So on this blog, and on my podcast, Type A/Type B, I love to talk about how you can find a balance between these two skillsets to forge the creative career you love.

Looking for some inspiration? Don’t know where to start on the blog? I gotchu

I put together some popular articles below to give you a little taste of what all the homey homies want to know.

Whether you’re just getting into interior design, a DIY god, or a professionally trained interior designer, I’ve got something for you. We got trendy tracking, mock projects, practical tips, a rundown of all the style and so much more.

Or are you looking for tips on putting a process behind your creativity? We’ve got that, too!

Take a look at the list below, and see which topic fits your fancy:

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Interior Decorator Vs. Interior Designer: Which Should You Be?

9 Ways to Make Your Rental Home Look More Expensive

Get in touch with Hannah Michelle Lambert!

Always feel free to reach out to me with any questions, or just to say hi! You can email me at hannah@homeyhomies.com or message me on Instagram @homeyhomies, Twitter @homeyhomies, or Tiktok @homeyhomies.

Also, make sure to tune into my podcast, Type A/Type B!

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