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About Hannah Michelle Lambert

Hannah Michelle Lambert

Thanks for stopping by! My name’s Hannah Michelle Lambert, and I’m a Michigan native but Atlanta local. Before making my way down here to ATL, I got my degree in Communications from University of Michigan.

Design with personality

I’ve spent the past couple years blogging here on homeyhomies.com but a lifetime obsessing over interiors.

I believe that at the root of great design is the personality of those who live in or consume it. That’s why I specialize in highly unique, extra personalized spaces that make you happy to live in, and that all of your guests will talk about.

I create spaces that are meant to be photographed and enjoyed.

Interior design mood board made by Hannah Michelle Lambert of Homey Homies - Simple Maximalist theme with a green velvet couch, a CD-shaped rug, zebra rug, baby blue floor-length mirror, and a record collection
A mood board I made
A quirky and fun 2 bedroom apartment with lots of orange and yellow accents, cow print, and fun patterns. Designed by Hannah Michelle Lambert
My personal project: my home
An assortment of 2D room mockups by Hannah Michelle Lambert of Homey Homies. One dark and moody bedroom, one funky mid century office/study, and one hypebeast-influenced living room
Examples of room mockups for clients

I love unique statement pieces, lots of color, and tons of personal touches. Although I can appreciate the beauty of minimalist spaces, that’s not where my passion lies. One of the best signs of talent, in my opinion, is when you can make color and pattern look sophisticated while still being fun.

Needless to say, I was obsessed with the Nickelodeon-style interior design when I was younger. Anyone else obsessed with the iCarly apartment?

A passion for affordability

I am also obsessed with making design that is accessible to even those without a ton of money to spare. Because everyone deserves to love the space they’re living in. I love doing a project on a budget that doesn’t look like it’s on a budget. That money can stretch a lot longer when you’re creative with it.

I grew up moving around a lot, and never a lot of money to spare. So I simultaneously had it engrained in me how important designing a house that feels like “home” is to make you feel comfortable, as well as how valuable being able to be scrappy with design is. I was raised on thrift stores and DIYs, and that’s still a part of me to this day. And it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

So whether you’re here to hire me to help make your dream design come to life, or you’re just browsing around the blog, I hope you leave feeling inspired!

Looking for some inspiration? Don’t know where to start on the blog? I gotchu

I put together some popular articles below to give you a little taste of what all the homey homies want to know.

Whether you’re just getting into interior design, a DIY god, or a professionally trained interior designer, I’ve got something for you.

We got trendy tracking, mock projects, practical tips, a rundown of all the style and so much more. Stick around, and you’ll definitely learn something 😉

Take a look at the list below, and see which topic fits your fancy:

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Always feel free to reach out to me with any questions, or just to say hi! You can email me at hannah@homeyhomies.com or message me on Instagram @homeyhomies, Twitter @homeyhomies, or Tiktok @homeyhomies.

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