Best Amazon home products for under $50

Best Amazon home products for under $50

I’m gonna enable you for a minute: here are my best Amazon finds from the past couple of weeks. Shop your lil heart out

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Please tell me that your online shopping has been out of control, too. I swear I get a new Amazon package in the mail at least 3 times a week.

I’ve been bummed like crazy that I can’t go thrifting to add a lil flavor to my new apartment. So I’ve been trying to get as much as I can online right now so I can decorate at least a little bit while we’re stuck in the house.

Full transparency, I bought whole ass furniture pieces online, like a coffee table and a tv stand. I just can’t help myself. But a lot of the things I bought were small and really affordable. So I thought I’d do a mini mid-week post to let you know some cool, cheap shit you can buy on Amazon. Some things I actually bought, and some I haven’t (yet).

Yellow trellis rug (4×6) – $38.98

I originally bought this rug for my dining room, but it was too small. And returning shit right now is just not the move I want to make. So I ended up putting it in my office instead, and I love it! And I literally went right back and ordered the same exact rug in a bigger size for my dining room. (love it there, too)

Mustard yellow pompom throw blanket – $23.99

Throw blankets are always the move, because you can never have too many blankets in your collection.

Grey Weighted blanket (15lbs) – $34.99

This is on my order-when-i-get-paid-next list. Although it’s not necessarily the prettiest thing in the world, weighted blankets are supposed to relieve anxiety and help you get better sleep.

Drinking animals coloring book – $7.97

Not exactly a home item in the same way as the other things, but a definite necessity right now. I saw this and immediately placed my order within minutes. There are cute, not-too-complicated coloring pages that include two of my favorite things: animals and cocktail recipes.

Waiting on this to come in the mail, so check back in on Instagram for my review when I get it.

White mini floating shelves (2-pack) – $11.99

I ordered these for a little extra storage and decoration in my bathroom. Counter space is limited, so these shelves are great for floating some accessories/decor without cluttering the counter. And, they’re so cheap.

Abstract black metal bookends – $14.99

Bookends are something that I never really think to buy unless I see some that catch my eye. But I’ve been buying lots of new books that I want to double as decor, too. So cool bookends like these will help make the display look a little more interesting and polished.

Glass storage jars – $42

Okay so not technically under $50, but pretty close and so fkn cool! These are on my wishlist right now, and it’s only a matter of time until I cave and get them. I’m teetering between whether I want to use them for cute food storage, or for bathroom things like cotton balls, etc. I’m leaning towards the bathroom.

Have you found any Amazon products that you’re just dying to recommend to everyone? Leave them in the comments below or tag me on Instagram @homeyhomies!

happy spending, and
keep it homey, homies

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