fun and colorful thanksgiving tablescape with pink, blue, and gold accents

budget-friendly Thanksgiving accent pieces: top 7

If you’re the usual host for Thanksgiving, you probably have a stockpile of entertaining pieces already. (If you need some tips on which things to get, check out my rundown of all the staples). But you may be looking for some ways to switch up every year without blowing out the budget. So I’m gonna give you some easy, budget-friendly thanksgiving accent pieces.

These things are small and affordable enough to buy for a one-off event and donate or sell after. They’re small, but they make a big impact.

Don’t feel the need to totally restock all of your platters, glassware, etc. every year that you want to switch up the theme. These items will give you the perfect amount of flavor without breaking the budget. So let’s get right into it.

here are the best, budget-friendly Thanksgiving accent pieces

I included links to some great product recs in each category, but feel free to put your own spin on each idea instead if you feel inspired! And as always, to make it truly budget-friendly, I would recommend scoping out your local thrift store before ordering online!

accent piece #1: napkins

When you think of a nice, formal dinner, napkins likely come to mind. Even if you have a really simplistic tablescape, throwing a nice napkin into your place setting immediately makes it look like you put some love into it.

It’s a great way to introduce a different pattern, color, or texture into your tablescape. Such an easy way to change up the vibe.

A great way to make this even more budget-friendly is to get some disposable napkins instead of cloth napkins. You’d be surprised at how nice of paper napkins you can find online. I included one option below.

Light mustard yellow cloth napkins - thanksgiving accent pieces
Cloth napkins – Amazon
Orange paisley patterned cloth dinner napkins
Paisley cloth napkins – Amazon
Disposable colorful floral napkins
Disposable napkins – Amazon

accent piece #2: colored candlesticks

This might be the most budget-friendly Thanksgiving accent piece on the whole list. I mentioned in my Thanksgiving staple pieces post that you should always have some solid candle holders on hand. Throwing a different colored candle is such a great and simple way to adapt these candle holders to the theme you have that year.

If you want to go for a really dark and moody theme for your tablescape, throw in some black candlesticks. If you want to go fun and whimsical, pick up some of a couple different bright colors.

The possibilities are almost endless. Even if this is the single thing that you switch from year to year, it really makes a big impact.

Red, rust, orange, and peach colored candlesticks
Warm-colored candle sticks – Amazon
Lavendar colored candlesticks
Multiple colors available – Amazon
Yellow gold textured pillar candles - thanksgiving accent pieces
Textured pillar candles – Amazon

accent piece #3: napkin rings

In kinda the same vein as napkins, napkins rings are a great, budget-friendly Thanksgiving accent piece. Like napkins, this simple little ring holding them together just shows a little extra intention.

A nice, simple gold ring is never a bad choice, but there are also tons of different options to fit the vibe you want. Go funky with a fun color or design, or go natural and grab a nature-inspired holder.

Gold spiral napkin rings on a silver textured dinner napkin with white and gold silverware
Gold spiral napkin rings – Amazon
Tassel napkin ring – Amazon
Animal napkin rings – Amazon

accent piece #4: tablecloth

Tablecloths are one of my favorite event design hacks. They’re helpful for so many reasons: easier cleanup, protecting your tables, hiding the ugly plastic folding tables if you have a large group.

But aside from the practical benefits, they also give you a really easy way to totally change up the vibe. Simply throw on a patterned or colored tablecloth, and boom. You have a completely different theme to your tablescape – I feel like a broken record here – even if that’s the only thing you change.

Colorful mid century modern style tablecoth on a dark walnut dining table - thanksgiving accent pieces
MCM sateen tablecloth – Spoonflower
Embroidered oatmeal-colored tablecloth on a wooden dining table with wooden stool and bohemian details
Embroidered tablecloth – Amazon
Black plastic embroidered tablecloth on a table with entertaining pieces and a wine bottle on top
Disposable tablecloth – Amazon

accent piece #5: dessert/salad plates

This is a slightly more splurge-y item, but still more budget-friendly than buying a whole new place setting.

And this is why I always recommend getting neutral plates for the staple pieces. That way, you can just throw one of these plates on top of the place setting and you have a whole new look.

This is a great opportunity to play with pattern or color. But if you want to keep it neutral, try switching up the texture, finish, or shape to contrast with the dinner plates you have beneath.

multicolor starburst pattern ceramic dessert plates
Patterned plates – Amazon
multicolor irregular shaped salad/dessert plates stacked on top of each other - thanksgiving accent pieces
Multicolor salad plates – Amazon
amber-tinted glass salad or dessert plate
Glass amber plate – Amazon

accent piece #6: vases

This is probably the most thrift-able piece on this list. Every time I go to a thrift store, there are tons of cool vases on the shelves to choose from. So it’s a really easy and cheap way to change it up every single year.

Just adding in a different kind of vase (or vases) into your centerpiece really makes a huge difference. You could do a large one in the middle and a couple small, bottle-shaped vases spread throughout. Immediate vibe switch.

If you really wanna get crafty, you could even use the same vase and just paint it different colors or patterns every year.

Modern white ceramic vase with a hollow middle
White ceramic vase – Amazon
Textured modern ribbed vases in black and white sitting on a table with foliage inside - thanksgiving accent pieces
Textured vases – Amazon
Multi-shaped colorful small vases
Colorful vases – Amazon

accent piece #7: gravy boat

This may seem a little random, but hear me out. I recommend having some pretty simplistic serving dishes on hand so that you can reuse them every year no matter what the theme is. That will help you save money. But if you change up one small serving dish – like a gravy bowl – every year, your pockets won’t hurt and you’ll create some more interest on your table.

You may even be able to find some really unique vintage ones at the thrift store.

Bronzed luxurious gravy boat - thanksgiving accent pieces
Bronzed gravy boat – Anthropologie
Cat gravy boat – Amazon
Blue glass gravy boat – Amazon

now you’re armed with 7 budget-friendly Thanksgiving accent pieces – go design!

Now that I’ve reassured you that there are so many easy ways to change up the design in small but impactful ways, hopefully you’re feeling prepared to go put together the perfect Thanksgiving tablescape.

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