revamp your living space

Revamp your living space with these small changes

Refreshing your home design can do wonders for mental and physical health. With just a few changes, you can experience fewer allergies, feel more energized and even boost the value of your house. Today, we’ll share some tips to help revamp your living space with even the smallest of tweaks.

Look for Valuable Changes

Even minor upgrades can boost your home’s value. If you’re interested in selling soon, a realtor can advise on the latest trends. Additionally, homeowners on a budget can get big returns with the following renovations:

● Smart lighting integration

● Cabinet hardware replacement

● Crown molding

● LED bulbs

● Outdoor lighting

● Fire pit addition

To track the changes, keep your receipts and take pictures of your home before and after the updates. After all, many home renovations have the added benefit of boosting your home’s appraisal value as well!

Try Out a Rug

rugs are a great way to revamp your living space - this is a picture of a colorful bohemian/southwestern rug

Rugs are an excellent way to add complexity and comfort to a space. When choosing an area rug, consider how much traffic passes through the room. Light-colored, high-pile rugs are more likely to show footprints, so avoid using them in entryways or hallways.

Add Some Pillows

Colorful decorative throw pillows on a bed

If you want to change your living room but don’t want to purchase new furniture, you can buy throw pillows. These are an affordable but high-impact item.

For a chic mismatched effect, look for various textures in similar colors or patterns. You can also get a matching set, then toss in pillows with fun patterns that complement the room’s color scheme.

Update the Front Door

Fun dusty pink front door

A new front door can transform your home’s exterior and boost curb appeal. Depending on the type you choose, you can even decrease energy costs. For example, fiberglass doors offer excellent insulation, ensuring heat doesn’t escape. Steel doors are also great options, especially if security is your top priority.

You should always hire a professional to hang doors, especially exterior ones. Otherwise, your door may not hang straight, which may create spaces between the door and frame where air can pass through.

Buy Houseplants

The plant craze has really hit people over the last couple of years. It seems like everyone is becoming a “plant parent” and adding some more greenery and life to their homes.

Not only is this a beautiful way to revamp your living space, it’s a practical one, too. Living plants offer a wide range of physical and psychological effects, including:

● Improved mood

● Better air quality

● Reduced stress

You can find many low-maintenance plants that flourish indoors, like:

● Spider plant

● Peace lily

● Pathos

● Snake plant


According to research, around 4 hours of Americans’ work days per month are spent organizing the home. You can make this task easier by decluttering. Getting rid of unused items can even decrease stress and help you find things more easily.

To start, make three piles:

● Keep

● Donate

● Toss

Anything you use regularly or want for sentimental value goes in the “keep” pile. Things that are new but you don’t use should be donated. Finally, items that have outlived their usefulness go in the trash.

Digitizing your documents can air your decluttering efforts. Using a PDF merger, you can quickly combine multiple documents into one file to further save space and make your paperwork more manageable.

Improve Air Quality

Your home’s air quality plays a significant role in keeping you healthy. Low air quality means allergens, dust, and other particles circulating through your house, which can cause all sorts of problems:

● Runny nose

● Headache

● Respiratory issues

Because of the real impact on your actual, physical health, this is a great and practical area for you to revamp your living space.

A deep, thorough cleaning of all surfaces and items in the home helps to reduce or eliminate indoor allergens such as dust particles, dirt, and pet dander that can cause respiratory problems. Additionally, this type of cleaning can help rid the environment of mold, bacteria and other pollutants that are known to trigger allergies or other illnesses.

Home design can make all the difference. By taking steps like changing your decor, decluttering, and digitizing your documents, you’re creating a brighter tomorrow.

About the Guest Author:

Eva Benoit transitioned from office management to become a life, career, and wellness coach, with a focus on reducing stress and anxiety. Her clients come from all backgrounds, and she helps them achieve lasting balance, peace, and well-being. Eva is also the author of an upcoming book, The 30-Day Plan for Ending Bad Habits and Improving Health.

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