2023 interior design trends

2023 Interior Design Trends: My Top 7 Predictions

Happy new year! It’s that time of year again: time for trend predictions! After several months of keeping tabs on everything going on in the world of interior design, 7 trends showed up more than any others. So here are my predictions for the top 2023 interior design trends.

Before we dive into, I just wanted to give a little background on trends.

It can be easy to fall in the trendy trap. By that I mean centering your whole style around what’s trendy. And while trends can be a great way to discover fun, new design styles, it should never be a substitution for your personal style.

So how can trends and your personal style co-exist? Check out my complete guide to interior design trends to find out:

  • how trends happen
  • how to identify trends you like
  • and how to incorporate trends into your style without losing the personality

Trend #1: “lived in” authenticity

This has been a long time coming. With the rise of gritty and natural trends like wabi sabi and the fall of hyper-minimalism, people are craving some more humanity in their homes.

Even in design photos/videos on Pinterest and tiktok, even Architectural Digest, I’m noticing a lack of curation in photos. People are keeping some books and toys scattered around, everything isn’t perfectly symmetrical, and some things may lean a little instead of being perfectly upright.

All of this is in huge contrast with the “hotel aesthetic” that dominated design culture. It was all about perfection and looking like no one lives there.

In 2023, I think we’re going to see a lot more people embracing imperfection. This could be anything from taking on a more “cluttered,” maximalist approach, letting furniture imperfections be (or even highlighting them like the tiktok below!) or purposefully ignoring warnings about design faux pas.

Tiktok showing how to make the best of a cracked coffee table - an example of one of the best 2023 interior design trends
Tess V on Tiktok

Trend #2: Dark, dramatic countertops

The crisp, white kitchen had a choke hold on everyone for long enough. Now, colorful and dramatic countertops are taking the throne on the list of 2023 interior design trends.

I’d like to say this love of a good dark, moody color was inspired by the new Wednesday Addams show. But in reality, this has been building for a while.

Bright white kitchens have a certain freshness to them, and I’m sure many homes will stick with this theme. But for those wanting to branch out a little, countertops in a dark, veiny black or even green marble may have a pretty big appeal.

This could be paired with all-white everything else for just a single, dramatic pop. Or you could go full drama and mix in some other rich jewel tones in your walls, flooring or cabinets.

Trend #3: Patterned wallpaper

We’re taking it back a few years. It seems like the patterned wallpaper trend ebbs and flows pretty consistently. And it’s usually met with some pretty passionate opinions. But I’m predicting that in 2023, it’s gonna be in.

Bedroom with a muted but graphic printed wallpaper

The last time bold wallpaper dominated interior design trends, it was really popular in small, niche spaces like bathrooms.

But in 2023, I’m predicting that it will have a moment in more important areas like living rooms, home offices and bedrooms. This is in part because people are craving a lot more self-expression and personality in their homes.

Fun, graphic wallpaper is the perfect opportunity to do this.

Whether it’s more of an antique floral, a graphic print or more of a mural vibe will be totally dependent on the individual people creating this design. But I think we can expect a lot of these fun walls in 2023.

Trend #4: Ambient lighting

Have you heard that one sound on tiktok? You know the one that says “I don’t have many rules in my house. But the only rule i have is to never ever ever ever use the big light”?

That exact sentiment has made its way to the top 2023 interior design trends list.

The “big light,” of course, is referring to overhead lighting.

And it’s really something you don’t notice until you do. And once you experience how much better ambient light feels, you’ll never want to go back to just the big light.

The core of this trend is, the more light sources the better. When you distribute the lighting throughout the entire room, it gives a much more lush, dramatic and relaxing vibe and can contribute to an overall sensory experience.

This could be table lamps, floor lamps, hanging pendants, LED lights, or anything else that fits your personal style.

So basically, light switches on the wall are not gonna get much play this year.

Trend #5: Rounded edges

Hard edges are out. Soft, round edges are in.

This is in part related to 2023 interior design trend #1 (lived-in spaces). Rounded edges give furniture a more comfortable and imperfect feeling. Contrasted with harsh, straight lines, this is an attractive feature for those who want more comfort in their lives.

Rounded edges will likely show up in a variety of ways. This could look like more circular or oval furniture. Or it could be more organic-shaped, sculptural furniture for a more eclectic and high-end vibe.

Trend #6: Rich, deep colors

Another example of the trend cycle accelerating. Calming pastels had a big moment in 2022. And while they won’t be going away altogether in 2023, we’ll be seeing a lot more rich, saturated colors alongside them.

Deep purples and shiny red lacquer are going to have a big moment this year, alongside other rich colors.

Just take a look at some of the colors of the year that have been released so far:

A variety of colors of the year from paint brands showing the 2023 interior design trend of rich, deep colors

You’ll notice that all of these colors are highly saturated, a bit dramatic and lean more jewel-toned.

Is this perhaps a sign that people want a little more fun and excitement in their design? I think so. And it’s right in line with the overall theme of more character and personality in the design space.

Trend #7: Tactile textures

Great design is a lot more about just the sense of site. The best examples out there take into account all the senses, making design a full sensory experience.

And touch is one of the best ways to do this in a home.

In 2023, we’ll be noticing a lot more interesting and varied textures in the home. Whether that’s a stone table, a lime wash wall, a corduroy couch, a cable knit throw or a 3D collage art piece on the wall.

In other words, design that invites you to touch will be big this year.

This could be done in combination with an overall maximalist design style. Or it could be a way to add some extra visual interest to minimalist design.

2023 interior design trends, explained

And there you have it. My take on the top interior design trends for the year!

What are your thoughts? Do you totally agree? Totally disagree? Feel like I missed something? Feel free to let me know in the comments below!

And if you want to stay up-to-date on all the real-time trends, as well as tips on how to apply these trends in a way that still fits your personal design style, make sure to subscribe!

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