best canva templates for social media

The best Canva templates for social media

If you’ve been here before, you probably know how much I love Canva. I’m probably the ultimate Canva fangirl. A few months ago, I wrote a big post on how I use Canva as an interior designer. And this time around, I decided to give you some insight into Canva for social media. And what’s one of the best things about the platform? The templates for sure! So I decided to run through all the very best Canva templates for social media.

Whether you’re a Canva Pro member or not, you have access to literally thousands of templates. This makes it so easy to create really beautiful and unique graphics for all different social media platforms. Regardless of graphic design experience/knowledge.

Buuut, if you are a Canva Pro user, you do have access to many many more templates than free users. This is one massive upside to Pro, especially if you are creating tons of different graphics on a consistent basis. It makes it really easy to constantly find new ideas.

So with each template, I indicated if it is accessible with a free or Pro account. And I tried to include a pretty good mix of the two. So no sweat if you haven’t made the upgrade yet. You’ll still have plenty of options.

let’s get into the best Canva templates for social media!

I’m going to give you some templates custom-created for each of the following social media platforms. But I just wanted to note that if you like the design of one of the templates below but want to use it for a different platform, you can always copy and paste into another blank document with the right dimensions and make adjustments from there.

OR if you’re a Canva Pro member, you even have the option to auto-resize any project for multiple platforms. This is super convenient if you want to create one piece of content and repurpose it across all platforms.

Instagram Canva templates

IG Story templates

IG Post templates

IG highlight covers

Tiktok Canva templates

Tiktok video templates

Tiktok end screens

Tiktok cover photos

YouTube Canva templates

YouTube channel art

YouTube thumbnails

YouTube end screens

Facebook Canva templates

Facebook header images

Facebook posts

Twitter Canva templates

Twitter header images

Twitter posts

Bonus templates: for influencers!

If you’re someone who does social media as a job, a good media kit is a definite need. And luckily Canva has tons of really great templates for this!

Media kits

get 30 days of Canva Pro for free!

I am a huge Canva Pro advocate, but don’t take my word for it. You can get a free 30 day trial of Canva Pro to test it out yourself. Use those 30 days to play around with the full functionality and see if it does it for you.

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