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Mother’s day gift ideas: support small artists

Anytime is a great time to support small artists. But I think that it’s especially the move when it comes to gift-giving. I love receiving art as a gift, because it feels so personal. It shows that the giver really thought about getting you something that represented you. And when it’s from a small artist rather than something mass-produced for Target, it’s even more special. And what better time to make someone feel special than on mother’s day?

If your mom is anything like mine, she passed on the decorating gene to you and loves having cute little details in her home. Whenever I’m in doubt of what to get my mom, art/home decor is my first instinct. And she always loves it. Growing up, I always went the DIY route – because money. But now that I’m getting older and have more of my own money, I wanna step it up a notch and get her some great pieces while also supporting small businesses.

So if you’re in the same boat, keep reading on for your full mother’s day gift guide: small artist edition. I’ll be covering a wide range of things for a wide range of budgets, so you’re sure to find something your mom will love!


Art prints are always a good idea for moms who love to switch up the art on their walls or love adding to an ever-expanding gallery wall. Here are some great options.

for any art lover: 20×200

Whether your mom likes photography, abstract art, traditional paintings, or super wacky, colorful art, this website is perfect. There’s such a variety of prints, and they’re all small artists. Plus, most prints are around $40 or less.

Browse the library

for the serious art collector: Sonia Bensouda

If your mom is a big art person and love to have some more original, valuable pieces in their collection, and you have some money to splurge on them, check out Sonia Bensouda’s work.

It’s very calming and surrealist, and most of her pieces are around $200-$400.

Her style isn’t quite your mom’s style? Browse around on the Artfinder website I linked below to find something in your ideal budget and style.

Check out Sonia’s work

for the mom who probably monograms and customizes everything: custom cartoon drawing

I’m gonna shamelessly plug my own stuff here. I’ve recently gotten into doing these custom “cartoon” style versions of your own personal photo. So take a photo of your and your siblings, a family photo, or maybe a family pet and I’ll cartoon-ify it for your mom!

Purchase on Etsy


Does your mom prefer to wear her art? Here are some great jewelry pieces by small artists.

for the sentimental mom: delezhen’s birth stone necklace

I got this for my mom for Christmas and she absolutely loved it. You can customize the necklace by choosing your, your siblings, and your mom’s birthstones. Even if you have a huge family, they’ve got you covered by offering up to 13 different stones on the necklace.

And you can choose whether you want gold or silver hardware, depending on your mom’s finish of choice.

Order your necklace here

for the nature lover: wolf & moon

Moms, teens, and young adults alike would love this jewelry from this UK-based designer. Some is more abstract, but almost all of her pieces tend to have a cute, nature-inspired vibe to them.

And it’s pretty affordable, with pieces averaging around $55 or 40 pounds.

Shop Wolf & Moon

for the whimsical mom: Mood Good

If your mom’s style is a little more colorful and playful, Mood Good is right up her alley.

They have tons of jewelry – rings, necklace, earrings – with fun designs. And lots of their signature smiley faces. In doing research for this article honestly I added a few things to my cart.

It’s a little pricier than the other options, with most things priced at $100+, but if you’re looking for a little more of a splurge, this is it.

Shop Mood Good

home goods

There’s always more room for more decorative items in the home, and there always things to swap out. So here are some great mother’s day gift ideas to spruce up her home.

for the mom with beachy taste: GoinCoastalGifts

I knew I wanted to include some kind of a handblown glass gift on here, but then I came across this awesome vessel that combines both glass and driftwood.

This is handmade and a great option for the mom who loves that beachy aesthetic. Or just a natural aesthetic in general. These could have so many uses, from flowers to accessories, or just left empty.

Shop GoinCoastalGifts

for the entertainer: Local Story

Who doesn’t love a good wooden serving board? Serving platters are one of those things that you always thought was lame that adults got excited about when you were younger, but you totally get it now.

I think that any wooden home good are always the perfect gift, and mother’s day is so exception. But instead of just your average, run-of-the-mill Target charcuterie board, opt for one from this independent artist on Etsy with these super unique looking ridges, arches, and waves.

Shop Local Story here

for the mom with an ever-growing blanket basket: Happy Habitat

I grew up where the “blanket basket” was a staple, and often overflowing. So if your mom has those tendencies, too, this is perfect.

These throw blankets are made by an ex-advertising exec who started the business after she got laid off. She’s got all different sizes, patterns, and colors. And the throws are all eco-friendly.

There are also the “throws for cause” that directs proceeds to benefit a variety of causes. So you can do your part to help an independent artist and contribute to a good cause.

Check out the throw blankets


for the mom who loves smelly goods: Soap Distillery

Did anyone else’s mom always call things like soaps/lotions/candles smelly goods, too? Well either way, if she wants her home and herself to smell amazing, Soap Distillery, a black owned Chicago business, has you covered.

They’ve got variety here. From soaps to lip balms to candles, even to beard oil, there are so many things. And a cool little touch is that their branding is all based off of cocktail names.

Another bonus is that they have thoroughly environmentally friendly processes and packaging.

Shop Soap Distillery

for the reader: LAdesignss

If your mom loves to read, save her from dog ear-ing all of her pages and get her a really cute floral resin bookmark.

These bookmarks are made by a college student in her spare time, so you can get your mom a great present she’ll use every day while helping to put a veterinary assistant through school!

Shop LAdesignss

show your mom and independent artists love this mother’s day

Hopefully you found one (or a couple) of really good options to show your mom how much you love her.

And hey, if you’re a mom yourself, nothing wrong with buying yourself a few of the things on this list, too 😉

keep it homey, homies

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