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Dani Dazey aka Dazey Den: designer spotlight

If you’re looking for inspiration from a designer whose style is the embodiment of fun, colorful, and lively, Dazeyden is your girl.

One of her projects recently went viral on tiktok, Twitter, Pinterest, and basically anywhere visual. It was a lush, colorful, art deco redesign for adult star Lena The Plug.

As soon as I saw her work, I fell in love. It may not be everyone’s taste – you may be a little overwhelmed if you’re not a big color person. But if really lively and theatrical design excites you, you may have found a new favorite, too.

Dani Dazey  - @dazeyden profile on Instagram
a sneak peak of the @dazeyden instagram

who is Dani Dazey aka Dazey Den?

As with a many talented designers, Dani has her hands in tons of creative endeavors. She actually got her start as a clothing and textile designer, launching Dazey LA in 2016.

some Dazey LA pieces

Eventually she started applying some of her creative chops to interiors. And so Dazey Den was born, with the tagline “Colorful Interiors by Dani Dazey.” Her work was very quickly recognized by some pretty notorious design publications like Architectural Digest.

She’s based in California, and you can see the sunny, trendy influence in all of her work.

what Dani Dazey is known for

Dani is popular for her bright, colorful, and loud design usually with a cool mid century twist. She’s not afraid to go bold and mix patterns and prints. When you see her work, you can usually see her stamp on it.

Dani Dazey project photo - living room with lime green velvet couches, lime green walls, and colorful details
Source: Dazey Den

I’m a huge nerd for a good room mockup, and that’s something that she’s amazing at. With every project, she does an insanely realistic rendering of what it’s going to look like in the end. And just look at the comparison. Basically the same thing.

I always look forward to seeing what new mockup she’s going to post next. And luckily, she recently bought a new house and is sharing every detail of its design process with us on the @dazey_bungalow Instagram.

Another project of hers that picks up a lot of steam online is her Palm Springs airbnb. I went to Palm Springs this past May, and I was more than a little bummed that this place was totally booked out.

The midcentury architecture, the colors, the patterns. Everything screams perfectly curated. I can only imagine the photoshoot possibilities.

Every space Dani gets her hands on is a gem. I’ll just let some photos from her other projects speak for themselves.

where to find her + support

I don’t think there is a single person on Instagram with more accounts than her. And if there is, she’s second place. Here’s where you can find her on the platform:

  • @dazeyden – This is where I found her, and where she shares the bulk of her interior design content
  • @dazey_desert_house – This is where you can drool over the airbnb and convince yourself that you need to visit Palm Springs if for no other reason than to stay in it.
  • @dazey_bungalow – Her newest account, this is where you can follow her home design/decoration journey
  • @dazey_la – All the same colorful vibes, but in fashion aka her fashion line
  • @danidazey – Her personal account with more lifestyle content

She’s also on Tiktok – @danidazey.

As far as websites go, you can visit her interior design website to see her portfolio, and head to her Dazey LA site to shop her clothing store.

Now go show her some love!

Anyone else you want to see on the designer spotlight? Could be interiors, clothing, sculpture, anything! Drop your suggestions below with some of your favorite creative minds.

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