three home splurges that I don't regret

I splurged on these three things for my home and I don’t regret it

If you’ve been around here for a while, you know that I just completed a big, cross-country move! And we sold almost everything – all my furniture, most of my decor, some artwork. As scary as that was, it’s been great so far to start rebuilding. And thanks to LA’s absolutely lit Facebook marketplace, it hasn’t been as impossible to rebuild from scratch on a budget as I thought it would be.

With a little mix of DIYing, thrifting and stalking marketplace 24/7, I’m proud to say that we got almost everything so far secondhand. And while we still have a lot of things to go (don’t look in my silverware drawer right now), it’s really coming together.

But that said, everyone interior design or interior decoration fanatic needs a couple good splurges. What’s life without a little bit of treating yourself, right?

So, I wanted to share three of my splurges that I think are 100% worth the money.

Splurge #1: the Floyd sectional

This couch has been on my mind and on my wishlist for a minute. After seeing the founder speak in one of my entrepreneurship classes in college, I fell in love with the brand and what they stood for. So once they launched their sectional in 2021, it was over for any other couch.

So just a few days after moving into our new LA apartment, the order was placed. And while I’m still waiting for it to come (that 3-7 weeks of waiting has been excruciating), it’s something I know I’m going to keep for years to come.

Here’s the configuration I went with.

Floyd sectional sofa in a dark green color called cyrpress
Floyd sectional in Cypress

As someone who is an avid FB marketplace couch buyer, this is my very first time buying a (non-futon) couch brand new. But since bad reviews of this couch and its comfort level are rare, I feel confident in dropping almost half of my total budget on just a couch.

The main great thing about this couch is that it can grow with me. Since it’s fully modular, that means that when we move into a larger apartment or a home, we don’t have to swap it for a bigger couch. Instead, we just buy another section and pop it in there.

Just a note: Floyd does have a secondhand program called Full Cycle that seems incredible. I couldn’t find both pieces of my couch on there and my savings would have been minimal paying shipping for both parts separately, but definitely check it out to see if what you’re looking for is there to save you some money.

Splurge #2: the Simplehuman trash can

Now hear me out here. You need this trash can if you have a dog who’s a little trash monster. Or if you want to make it easier to recycle without a big ugly pile building up in a random bin or closet.

The one I chose ended up being around $150. Which, I know, is a little pricey. But with most decent trash cans nowadays hovering around the $80 mark, it really wasn’t much extra.

From a design perspective, this trash can is really beautiful and sleek. While I don’t necessarily want my trash can to stand out, I do want it to look nice. And this one definitely serves that purpose.

One of the main motivators for this purchase, like I said, was my dog. Since we’re in a much smaller space that my Atlanta apartment, I don’t have the luxury of throwing my trash can in the pantry and closing the door anymore. And if I even step out of the house with the trash can exposed, my dog goes to work. But the lid of this one lays flush with the rim, making it impossible for my dog to get her little paw in there and open it.

the trash monster herself

Another perk is that it has dual compartments, meaning that it makes it super simple to separate recycling from trash – and encourages me to take out the recycling more often instead of letting it just pile up.

Splurge #3: the Casaluna linen blend duvet

I guess this is sort of a splurge within a splurge. We decided to upgrade to a king size bed with this move. Very exciting and very worth it in my opinion. Every night, we have me, my boyfriend and a dog in bed all fighting for room. This king has been a game changer.

But to really put the cherry on top, I decided to treat myself to a nice duvet that I’ve had my eyes on for at least a year. This beautiful, sage green duvet is from the Target brand Casaluna.

target casaluna linen blend duvet - home splurge

I’ll admit, I’m usually a cheap bitch when it comes to bedspreads. I check out the sales section religiously, and I will keep a comforter way longer than its lifespan should be. But I’m turning over a new leaf.

And after my first night sleeping under this glorious duvet that I stuffed with a cheap down alternative insert, I’m not even thinking about the money. It’s the perfect temperature, not making me drown in sweat but also not leaving my shivering. The fabric is so soft and natural feeling to the touch. And the relaxed look of it is exactly what I was going for with our small but cozy bedroom.

So those are my two home splurges!

I’m making it my personal mission to get every other major thing for the home secondhand or to DIY it. So these may be the only splurges. Or they may not be. It’s a mystery to both you and I!

Stay tuned for lots of room mockups, mood boards, and advice from building your own home from scratch on a budget while still keeping lots of personality!

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