3 stylish halloween decoration themes

3 stylish Halloween decoration themes 2022

Decorating for the holidays is something that I look forward to every year. But the line between festive and tacky is reeeeal thin. I posted a few years ago about some halloween decorations that don’t suck. But we’re taking it a step further this time. I’m going to give you 3 complete stylish Halloween decoration styles that you can follow.

Whether you’re into more modern and minimal, vintage and intricate, or glam and sparkly, I’ve got a style for you.

Keep scrolling to find which style is right for you, get a feel for the vibe with the mood boards I created, and get some product recommendations to bring it to life in your home.

The good thing about all of these styles is that they can be achieved to whatever extent you wanna commit to. I’ll let you know which existing aesthetics each style fits best with to make it easy to make a couple of small changes. We don’t all have hundreds of dollars to blow every year on decorations, so I take that into account here.

But if you wanna go all out, I gave you some options for bigger ticket items, too.

Here are the themes we’re gonna cover (you can click to bring you right there!)

  1. modern gothic
  2. haunted antique apothecary
  3. autumnal glam

stylish Halloween decoration theme #1: modern gothic

Fits best with: modern decor schemes

If you want to keep things pretty simple with black as your main color, the modern gothic style may interest you.

This style is all about simple, clean lines and a modern take on the gothic aesthetic. If you have a mostly neutral house, this is such an easy adaptation to make. Simply add in some black accents like candle holders, subtle skull accessories, and maybe a spooky piece of art or two.

modern gothic stylish halloween decoration theme

get the look

candles + candle holders

dark marble display slab


table lamp


stylish Halloween decoration theme #2: haunted antique apothecary

Fits best with: Parisian, gothic, or bohemian schemes

If you’re trying to go all out and aren’t afraid of a little maximalism, you’ll love this style. Another great candidate for this style: if you’re hosting a party and want to really wow your guests with the decor.

Picture walking into an old, abandoned apothecary store or witch’s lair. That’s the vibe here.

It’s all about aged, intricate gold accents, apothecary jars, vintage lace, and maybe a few cobwebs.

antique haunted apothecary stylish halloween decoration theme

get the look

spooky vintage artwork

old fashioned telephone

lace tablecloth

apothecary jars


candelabras + candle holders

glass domes

intricate gold mirror

Small gold and mirrored tray
Tray – Amazon

stylish Halloween decoration theme #3: autumnal glam

Fits best with: modern farmhouse, Parisian, glam

Say you’re not into the spooky aesthetic and would rather lean more into a fall vibe in general, this is the one.

I know that like holiday decorations, fall can get cheesy real fast, too. So that’s why I love the subtler and classier nature of the autumnal glam Halloween decoration aesthetic.

The main accents here are amber glass, rust colors, mercury glass, and mixed metals.

autumnal glam stylish halloween decoration theme

get the look




mercury glass jars

fuzzy blankets


bar cart

Have fun decorating, and
keep it homey, homies

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