transitioning from summer to fall home decor

Transitioning from summer to fall decor

It’s getting to be that time again. The weather is cooling down (well… not so much here in Georgia, but crossing my fingers it will be soon). That means that fall is just around the corner. I always find myself a little unsure decor-wise when the seasons change. What should you do when transitioning from summer to fall? Do you totally switch it up? Add in little changes? Do you just leave it alone?

If you have those questions every year, too, you came to the right place. I would definitely recommend making small changes as opposed to overhauling your decor for every season. That’s exhausting and not sustainable. Now let’s talk about what small changes to make as you swap out your summer decor for fall.

But first… when do you start transitioning from summer to fall?

I think it’s totally fine to start swapping out some of your summery stuff for fall decor starting in late August. Maybe don’t go full Halloween yet, but as the weather starts to cool down, you can start to introduce some more warmth and fall energy into your home.

If you’re somewhere really hot and humid like here in Georgia, it may make sense to push this off to a little closer to mid-September. But if you’re somewhere with a cooler climate, go for it whenever you start getting a hint of the fall weather.

When you begin to make this transition, slowly start to remove anything overtly summery. This includes light and airy fabrics, summery florals, super “beachy” accessories, etc.

What do you do when you’re transitioning from summer to fall decor?

Fall Colors

While the summer is all about breezy, light and airy colors, fall is all about the warm and comforting.

If you still want to keep it neutral, try swapping out some of your brighter, cooler whites for creamy, warm off-whites. You can also add in some warm-tone browns and taupes. This will add a little bit of comfort and warmth and give your home more of the fall feel.

fall colors - rust, terracotta, navy, mustard, olive, brown, and cream

If you’re down to experiment with a little bit of color, there are so many possibilities. Obviously colors like burnt orange, mustard and reds can help to mimic the fall leaf colors. But other jewel tones like navy, purple and turquoise can help you approach fall colors from a different, more nuanced angle.

You can add these colors in with anything. It could be things like pillows or throw blankets. Maybe a piece of art. Or you could rotate your artwork in your gallery wall seasonally to reflect the season color scheme.


You can never have too much texture in your home. That’s my motto. Especially when you’re trying to warm things up for the fall.

While in the summer, smooth and “colder” surfaces are refreshing, they feel a little unwelcoming in the fall. So when you’re transitioning from summer to fall, adding in some textures can help you get that cozier vibe really easily.

Add in some chunkier fabrics like throw blankets, pillows, or even layered rugs. A nice sweater material is always a good option, as is fur. And drizzling in a little bit of flannel fabric here and there – it doesn’t have to be the plaid flannel! – will give you that really warm, cabin vibe.


The little things are truly so important in a home. If you don’t want to spend money on seasonal pillows/blankets, even adding in some small fall details can go a long way.

Plants are a fantastic fall accessory. While in the summer, you may have had more colorful or brighter florals in your home. Fall is the time to warm it up. Add in some dried leaves, pine, brown or mustard-colored florals, or rusty pampas grass.

Pampas grass on top of a green side table - fall transition decor

You can add in some other natural elements like wood or pinecones as well.

Another great but still functional accessory – a great fruit bowl! Grab a nice, fall-looking bowl and add in some fall favorites like apples, pears and grapes.

Lighting and ambiance

Lighting is make or break for the amount of perceived “warmth” in your house. It’s not all just about the temperature. Brighter, bluer lighting gives off a cooler vibe that is more comfortable in the summertime. But when it starts cooling down in the fall, that cooler light doesn’t feel quite as good.

So if you have adjustable lighting, opt for the more yellow setting. And if you’ve been waiting for the right moment to invest in some smart light bulbs, this may be it. If you’re stuck with the same overhead lighting for now, no worries! Add in some additional light sources like wall plug-ins and lamps. (As a bonus, multiple light sources also make your house look more expensive!)

Lighting a candle next to a vase of dried eucalyptus

And we can’t talk about ambiance without talking about the smell. Fall is notorious for it’s yummy, cozy smells. So scope out some of the very best fall candles – or plugins like the Bath & Body Works wallflower if that’s more your vibe. Opt for scents that have hints of vanilla, cashmere, marshmallow, pumpkin, tobacco, or cedar wood. There are tons more great fall scents out there, but those just happen to be my favorite 😉 If you want my ultimate recommendation, you can never go wrong with the good ol’ mahogany teakwood.

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