skillshare interior design courses

Skillshare Interior Design Courses

If you’re looking to learn some new interior design skills – or brush up a little – Skillshare is a great resource. Whether you want a quick 30-minute lesson or a 4-hour class, you’ll find something for you. This is the perfect way to up your knowledge for a side hustle or hobby without getting a full degree or online certification. But you may not be sure where to start out. So I rounded up all the best skillshare interior design courses for you.

I split it up between courses covering technical knowledge and courses that give you more understanding of the aesthetics of interior design. But feel free to take them all to create your own crash course on interior design.

Once you’re ready to jump in, you can get a free 30-day trial of Skillshare and 40% off when you use code ANNUAL30AFF! This is the perfect opportunity to get through a few courses and see what you’re feeling. I also like to use free trials as a timeline to keep me accountable and motivated to get through as much content as I can.

white and brown living room set - aesthetic interior design courses

Aesthetic Skillshare interior design courses

Interior design is so aesthetic driven. However, great design doesn’t just pop into someone’s brain randomly. The best design is created by putting certain historical, environmental, psychological, and artistic concepts to work. Interior design is a an interesting mix of technical and creative skills/knowledge.

So if you already consider yourself to have pretty good taste, these courses will give you the edge to translate that taste into design concepts.

How To Design a Room In 10 Steps

Instructor: Erikka Fogleman, Interior Designer
Length: 34 lessons (1hr 48m)

This is a great course if you’re looking for an interior design bootcamp. It gives you everything you need to know about designing a room from start to finish.

What the course covers:

  • The systematic 10-step method to create a beautiful and practical home.
  • Identifying different interior design style and selecting your own style.
  • Room layout options for different rooms.
  • Creating a personalized color scheme.
  • Functional and dramatic lighting schemes.
  • Two class projects to test your learning

Note: This course doesn’t cover kitchen or bathroom design

Style Your Space: Creative Tips + Techniques for Interior Design

Instructor: Emily Henderson
Length: 13 lessons (1hr)

Emily Henderson is one of the OG interior design bloggers, so you can trust her advice. This course is a great way to add some depth to any existing interior design knowledge you currently have. It’s all about diving deeper into topics like:

  • Identifying your personal design style.
  • Mixing styles together.
  • Using trends the right way.
  • Sourcing great pieces,
  • Shopping for vintage finds

Design is in the Details: How To Accessorize Like a Pro

Instructor: Erikka Fogleman, Interior Designer
Length: 24 lesson (2hr 42m)

If you want to take an Erikka Fogleman course that’s a little more specialized, this is a great one to help you familiarize yourself with creating beauty in the details. After this course, you’ll know how to accessorize and style every single space in your home.

The details are what add that little extra oomph and create some memorability and personality, so if you’re looking to get into interior design, this is how you can make yourself stand out.

You’ll learn:

  • The 7 golden rules for accessorizing
  • Tips on decorating specific areas in your home: coffee tables, bookcases, fireplace mantels, console table, and more
  • The best way to hang artwork
  • Matching colors and mixing metals
  • Using casings, moldings, and panels to add character
  • The best places to source your accessories from
white and brown wooden bed frame - blend between minimalism and maximalism interior design

Maximalist vs. Minimalist: Find the Perfect Blend For You

Instructor: Ana Marcu, licensed architect
Length: 12 lessons (51m)

Do you ever find yourself torn between minimalism and maximalism? Are you definitely more into one but don’t want it to be either too boring or too overwhelming? You’re not alone. And many of your potential clients will likely have the same struggles.

This course will help you figure out how to find the perfect balance of the two and give you the language to talk about it like an expert.

Topics include:

  • Why styles do not matter
  • How simplicity and complexity both contribute to beauty
  • Curating objects to look beautiful – no matter how little or how many
  • How shapes, color, and arrangement can add both complexity and simplicity
  • “Grouping,” “families,” and repetition,” and how they guide our perception of a space

Lighting | Enhance Comfort and Home Décor with the Power of Light

Instructor: Arch Ba Saba, Interior Designer
Length: 15 lessons (43m)

Lighting is the backbone of sophisticated design. Without the proper lighting, even the most beautiful design will have its impact stifled.

It also can help you create the mood that you want in a room – whether that’s dramatic, sexy, happy, or relaxing.

But a killer lighting scheme doesn’t just happen. This course will teach you all the background knowledge that you need to make it happen, including:

  • Our connecting with natural light and its features
  • Properties of light
  • How to layer lighting
  • How you choose the type of light bulb
  • Picking the perfect light fixture and placement
  • Tips for different rooms and functions

Holistic Interior Design: Transform Your Personal Space for Wellbeing

Instructor: Clear Studios, Holistic Interior Design Studio
Length: 20 lessons (1hr 22m)

Wellbeing is so intertwined with the spaces that we exist in day-to-day. And a home is probably the space that you exist in most often. Creating design that leads to overall wellbeing is a much more holistic process that goes much farther than just the aesthetics of interior design.

So if you’re looking to channel your emotional connection to your space to cultivate better overall wellbeing, this is the course.

This is definitely the most philosophical of all the courses on the list. It will give you the tools to not only create a meaningful space for yourself, but also address a wider variety of needs for your clients’ spaces.

You’ll learn through:

  • Getting to know the 5 principles of holistic design
  • Learning the 7 technical skills to create this design
  • Plus 3 hands-on demonstrations to help you practice.

Technical Skillshare interior design courses

These Skillshare courses will give you the really concrete knowledge that you need to do your job as a designer. This is what separates someone who has good taste from someone who’s a good designer.

Visual communication is a HUGE part of any interior design job – no matter how small. And no matter if you’re mocking up something for yourself or for a client. These courses will give you some solid background on how to bring design concepts to life.

3D Modeling: SketchUp

Instructor: Leyla A, SketchUp pro
Length: 10 lessons (21m)

If I had to give a recommendation for one tool to use if you’re an interior designer, SketchUp would be that tool. It’s a 3D modeling tool that can really help to bring your designs to life before they actually come to life. SketchUp is the perfect way to play around with designs to see how they feel to you.

It’s also a perfect tool to sell your clients on the design. There’s truly no better way to get them hype about the vision.

I was lucky enough to have learned in an advanced module in The Interior Design Institute, but if you want a way to learn some software in a standalone Skillshare interior design course, this is a great option. It will give you a good foundational knowledge for the controls and settings, setting you up to jump into the platform and play around.

Interior Design in Photoshop

Instructor: Brooke Benfield, Interior designer + E-designer
Length: 7 lessons (34m)

3D modeling isn’t necessarily needed for every single project. For some projects you don’t need to see spaces from all angles but still want to create a realistic representation. Photoshop is your best friend for these projects.

From adding flooring and wall texture, to crown molding and furniture, this course will teach you how to create a realistic 2D representation of the space that you’re creating. This is such an easy and accessible way to differentiate yourself from other designers.

You’ll learn how to create an e-design asset including the following features:

  • Flooring
  • Paint selection
  • Walls
  • Architectural details
  • Furniture
  • And of course, what bring it all together, the accessories
person writing on white paper on an interior design floor plan

Interior Sketching in Procreate: Drawing a Floor Plan

Instructor: Isaiah Cardona, art director + motion designer
Length: 10 lessons (23m)

If you have an iPad, spending $10 on downloading Procreate will be one of the best $10 you’ve ever spent. It really is one of the best tools for interior design.

In this course, you’ll learn how to draw a floor plan that will guaranteed deliver more of a wow factor than a simple hand-drawn or flat, computer-generated floor plan. Procreate allows you to create sketches with dimension.

Everything this course covers:

  • Setting up the right file dimensions
  • Drawing contour sketch
  • Adding color and line work
  • Adding highlights, shadows, and refinements to create dimension
  • Exporting to show off your work

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