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Thanks for stopping by! If you’re one of the homey homies, you may be interested in one of my products or services! Whether you’re hoping for some tools to get organized or find yourself in need of my interior design services, you came to the right place.

Take a look around, and if you have any questions for me about my products or services, feel free to email me at hannah@homeyhomies.com or DM me on Instagram @homeyhomies!

digital planners:

2024 Notion life dashboard template for creatives – $9.99

Kick off 2024 in the most productive way possible – both for your creative process and the rest of your life. You get all of the functionality you need, with none of the complication.

Notion content creator dashboard – $7.99

Consider this the ultimate solution to putting a process behind your content creation!

From ideation to creation to promotion, this dashboard has you fully covered. It’s just complex enough to cover everything you need, but simple enough to not overwhelm you to the point where you give up on Notion altogether.

This dashboard has a task database that is full integrated into all aspects of the system, helping you stay on top of all urgent and non-urgent tasks.

Productive as f*** digital planner for iPad – $5.00

This Productive As F*** planner will get your productivity in shape and help you live a better, more organized life!

This planner is perfect for the person with an iPad or tablet that is looking to step up their game and get more done.

It’s fully hyperlinked and undated, giving you the ability to easily navigate, customize, and use year after year.